Got a Grumpy Cat? A Dapper Dog? Here’s How to Make Money With Your Pet

Wish Fifi would start earning her keep? Take these steps to make it happen.

1. Decide your pet’s shtick

Javier Brosch /

First, you need to decide why anyone would want to follow your pet on social media. Pet influencers — as these pet stars are often called — fall into a couple of different categories.

There are pets with unusual facial expressions, like the ubiquitous Grumpy Cat. Others have unusual attributes, like Venus, a cat whose face is exactly half black and half gold, or unusual habits, like Maru — a feline captured on video doing all sorts of awkward and charming maneuvers. Then some, like Boo, are just ridiculously cute. Of course, if your pet doesn’t have anything obviously special about him or her, you could just make something up, like the owner of Menswear Dog — a Shiba Inu that is equally dapper in either a well-cut suit or foul-weather gear. He’s billed as the “most stylish dog in the world.”

See more about these and other money makers in the animal world here: “High-Earning Pets of 2017.”

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