7 Movie Theater Chains With Great Senior Discounts

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The average movie theater ticket price in 2018 was $9.11, according to the National Association of Theatre Owners.

That can put a real hurt on your entertainment budget if you’re a senior living on a fixed income. Even those who are still working might think a night at the movies is a costly indulgence — especially if they’re trying to get out of debt or playing catch-up on their retirement savings.

Fortunately, many movie theaters offer some kind of senior price break, usually a buck or two off the regular ticket price. Some chains take it to the next level, creating even deeper discounts.

We’ve found discounts at the following good-sized theater chains. However, some smaller companies also offer senior deals.

For example, Classic Cinemas, a chain in Illinois, charges seniors the matinee price no matter what time the show starts, spokesperson Kat Clary tells Money Talks News.

That art-house or single-theater setup in your hometown also might have a special deal. It never hurts to ask. With the money you save, you might even be able to afford some popcorn.

1. Alamo Drafthouse

Alamo Drafthouse
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Location: Theaters in 10 states

Discount: “Senior Day” tickets are available for $6 at many locations, an Alamo Drafthouse spokesperson tells Money Talks News.

Qualifying ages: 55 to 60 and older, depending on the location

2. B&B Theatres

Woman wearing 3-D glasses
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Location: Theaters in several states

Discount: Seniors pay the matinee price for all shows, says a B&B Theatres spokesperson.

Qualifying ages: 60 and older

3. Cinemark

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Location: Theaters in most states

Discount: A “Seniors Day” discount ticket price of $5 is available on Mondays in most markets, says a Cinemark spokesperson.

Qualifying ages: 62 and older

4. Georgia Theatre Company

Senior couple at the movies
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Location: Theaters in four states

Discount: Seniors pay matinee prices for all shows, every day, says a GTC representative.

Qualifying ages: Over 55

5. Marcus Theatres

Eric Glenn / Shutterstock.com

Location: Theaters in several states

Discount: The “Young at Heart” special admission price is $6 for any show that starts before 5:30 p.m. on Fridays.

Qualifying ages: 60 and up

6. Regal Cinemas

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Location: Theaters in most states

Discount: AARP members can buy Regal ePremiere Tickets online for $10 and print the tickets at home. “Tickets are valid at all Regal theatre locations nationwide for all movies and showtimes and there is no recliner surcharge,” according to AARP. Seniors with both an AARP membership card and a Regal Crown Club membership can also save $3 on a popcorn-and-soft-drink combo via the Regal Mobile App.

Qualifying ages: 60 and over

7. Showcase Cinemas

Showcase Cinema
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Location: Theaters in five states

Discount: The “Senior Wednesdays” special admission price is $7.50 all day — except at Fairfield Cinemas at Bullard Square and Showcase Cinemas Bridgeport, where it’s $6.50.

Qualifying ages: 60 and older

Do you know of more theater chains offering great deals? Share them in comments below or on our Facebook page.

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