Tax Hacks 2016: Avoid These Tax-Related Scams

In some cases, people try to scam you. In other instances, you try get away with fooling the government. Avoid either situation, or you will likely end up the loser.

Tax Hacks 2016: Avoid These Tax-Related Scams Photo (cc) by CarbonNYC [in SF!]

Taxes seem to strike fear in the hearts of millions. And for some reason, that makes a few people lose their heads and hand out their personal information to strangers claiming to be from the IRS.

Of course, tax scams aren’t limited to the bad guys trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Sometimes, the scams involve you trying to pull a fast one on the government.

In either case, you are likely to end up the loser. Avoid the following dirty dozen tax scams at all costs.

1. Phony calls from the IRS


In one version of this scam, alleged IRS agents call and inform you the police have a warrant for your arrest. And unless you go to Walgreens, buy a prepaid debit card loaded with hundreds of dollars and call back with the number, you’re going to be carted off to the big house.

Walgreens? You think we’re going to fall for that, bad guys? Apparently, some people do in fact get a prepaid card or wire money to the criminals.

Make sure your elderly relatives or other people who may be susceptible know that if they get a call from the IRS, it’s fake.

If you’re really concerned you might owe money, call the IRS directly at 1-800-829-1040.

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