Spices and 9 Other Things You Should Never Buy in Bulk — and 10 You Should

Buying in bulk can be tempting, but will you really use all of that cooking oil before it goes bad?

Bad choices for buying in bulk:

1. Spices

Leonie Broekstra / Shutterstock.com

Even if you really, really like making cinnamon rolls, will you actually use that enormous shaker of cinnamon? Because while ground spices don’t technically go bad, they can definitely lose flavor after 12 months or more of sitting in your pantry. (Spice maker McCormick & Company notes that you can check spice freshness by crushing a little in your hand — if you still get a fresh aroma, you’re probably okay.) Even if your spices last for a couple of years, it’s just doubtful that you’re going to use bulk quantities, unless you’re whipping up the entire troop’s allotment of Girl Scout cookies yourself.

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