The 25 Most Hilariously Bad Business Names Ever

With so many options, how did the people who came up with these company and product names get it so wrong?

1. Goin’ Postal

Goin’ Postal screen shot / Money Talks News

If you were alive in the 1980s or 1990s, you know the slang expression “going postal” refers to workplace rage that results in gun violence.

Look it up. According to Wikipedia, the expression came from a series of shootings by U.S. Postal Service employees that started in 1986 — when a postal employee in Edmond, Oklahoma, killed 14 co-workers and wounded six more before committing suicide.

The shipping company Goin’ Postal was founded in 2002, according to its website, and — let’s say in spite of the name — now boasts hundreds of locations across the United States.


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