27 Money-Saving Ways to Use Vinegar in Every Room of Your Home


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Vinegar excels at cutting through grime partly because it’s acidic. In fact, vinegar is basically diluted acetic acid.

Due to that acidity, vinegar can damage natural stone like marble and granite. So, use caution with such surfaces. Test vinegar on a small area first or consult the surface manufacturer as to what type of cleaner it recommends.

On other bathroom surfaces, though, here are six ways to put vinegar to work:

  1. Clean sinks and bathtubs: Scrub with full-strength vinegar. Then, rinse well.
  2. Bust soap scum: Spray a 50/50 mix of vinegar and Dawn dish detergent on the tub, wait a couple of minutes and wipe. Rinse thoroughly.
  3. De-gunk shower heads: Is mineral buildup impeding the water flow? Fill a sturdy plastic bag with vinegar, rubber-band it to the shower head and let it soak, as we detail in “7 Brilliant Hacks for Cleaning Your Bathroom.”
  4. Shine fixtures: Use vinegar on a soft cloth — a piece of worn-out sheet or an old T-shirt works well — to wipe away soap scum.
  5. Clean shower-door tracks: Carefully fill the tracks with vinegar. Then, scrub with an old toothbrush.
  6. Bathe loofahs: Soak bath sponges in a 50/50 vinegar-and-water mix, then rinse well. If your loofah is old, however, consider replacing it instead. We cite loofahs in “11 Disgusting Household Items You Should Throw Out Now.”

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