The Funniest Amazon Customer Reviews

At this time of year, online product reviews can be helpful. But we've rounded up a set of them — on everything from from banana slicers to UFO detectors — that are purely for laughs.

Tuscan Dairy Whole Vitamin D Milk

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Do people really need to read a review of milk? It’s pretty self-explanatory, and one brand seems much like another. For these and other reasons, Tuscan Dairy’s whole milk became one of the earliest products with witty reviews that went viral, and reading through them is still a moo-ving experience.

“This is a fine milk, but the product line appears to be limited in available colors. I could only find white,” writes one reviewer. “This milk is EASILY twice as good as Tuscan Half Milk,” snarks another. And it must have been a “Princess Bride” movie fan who responded to “How do you milk a Tuscan?” with “Answer: Carefully, and not while betting against a Sicilian.”


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