What Is a Resume Writer? Finding the Best Resume Writer for You

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A resume is a fundamental part of your job search. It’s an opportunity to sell yourself to hiring managers when applying for jobs or to get recruiters to reach out to you.

However, if you’re not getting results from your resume, are struggling to land interviews, or you struggle with writing, it might be time to consider hiring a resume writer.

But is it really worth paying someone else to write your resume? And how do you know which resume writer is right for you?

What Is a Resume Writer?

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Even if you write for a living, writing a resume is different from grant writing or writing ad copy.

A resume writer will often look at your existing resume and rewrite it to demonstrate the unique skills and experiences that make you stand out as an applicant.

Why Hire a Professional Resume Writer?

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A resume writer will rewrite your resume in a way that will quantify your achievements and help you elaborate on your qualifications for the job.

They’ll also help you tailor your resume to your target industry or job title.

For example, how you’d write your resume for a software engineering job will look different for someone looking to teach English online.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Resume Writer?

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Resume writing services can vary from company to company. Typically, you can expect to pay between $100 and $400. And some charge as much as $600.

If you know you need a resume writer but are struggling to justify paying for one, ask yourself how much it’s costing you to stay in a more prolonged job search.

How to Find Resume Writing Services

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If you google “resume writing services,” you’ll be flooded with results. But finding a resume writer is easier than ever.

Resume writers may work as freelancers or work for well-known job boards or career coaching companies.

For example, in addition to a scam-free job board, FlexJobs also provides career coaching and resume writing services to help job seekers land a remote or hybrid job.

What to Look For in a Resume Writer

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While finding resume writers is easy, finding a qualified writer is a different challenge.

There are many options, so how do you find a writer who will create a strong resume that aligns with your career goals?

Below are a few things to look for when evaluating resume writing services.

1. They Have Experience

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Just because someone is a good writer, that doesn’t mean they’re a good resume writer.

You want to hire someone who has written resumes before and understands what an employer is looking for in a job applicant.

In addition to having resume writing experience, you want to find someone with experience writing for people at your professional level (i.e., entry-level resumes look very different than someone targeting a C-suite job).

If possible, it’s also more beneficial to find someone with experience writing resumes for your industry.

2. They Understand the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

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An applicant tracking system (ATS) searches your resume for specific keywords and gives recruiters a score on how well your resume matches the qualifications for a particular position.

Because many job listings receive hundreds of resumes, it’s likely your resume will be read by ATS software before a human reads it. And job searching can become a frustrating process if your resume isn’t written with an ATS in mind.

For example, if your resume has tons of graphics or colors, you could be getting rejected automatically despite being a qualified candidate. This is because the ATS system can’t read graphics or fancy fonts.

Therefore, you want to hire someone who understands how to optimize your resume with keywords and skills targeted for the job you’re interested in.

3. They Communicate With You

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A resume writer can’t just look at your resume alone and immediately craft something that gets you landing interviews for your dream job.

A professional resume writer should either meet with you or have you complete some sort of intake form before they work on your resume.

Your resume writer needs to understand what jobs you’re applying for; your previous accomplishments, skills, and credentials; and your target industry.

They may even ask you to send them a job description or two of the roles you want to work in. This helps them further understand your career goals and tailor your resume to get the attention of hiring managers in your ideal industry.

After receiving your resume, you should also be able to ask questions you may have to understand the changes they made to your resume.

Find the Right Resume Writer for You

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If you’re someone who struggles with writing or you have trouble landing interviews, a resume writer could be an important step to getting your job search back on track.

The right resume writer will have experience in your industry, understand how an ATS works, and take the time to understand your target jobs.