What Janitors Make in Every U.S. State

Janitors' pay varies widely across the U.S. Do we pay people enough to sweep floors and clean toilets? You decide.

Dmitry Kalinovsky / Shutterstock.com

Their job can be one of the dirtiest ones around, and we should be grateful they are willing to do it. Janitors and building cleaners sweep floors, scrub toilets and remove trash for a living. And let’s not even think about what they need to do after someone loses their lunch in public.

It’s not a job for everyone, and do they really get paid enough for their trouble? We’ve compiled the average 2017 salaries for janitors and building cleaners (not including housekeepers or maids) in every state in the nation, according to data from the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics.

You tell us, do they earn enough?


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