What Janitors Make in Every U.S. State

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Their job can be one of the dirtiest ones around, and we should be grateful they are willing to do it. Janitors and building cleaners sweep floors, scrub toilets and remove trash for a living. And let’s not even think about what they need to do after someone loses their lunch in public.

It’s not a job for everyone, and do they really get paid enough for their trouble? We’ve compiled the average 2017 salaries for janitors and building cleaners (not including housekeepers or maids) in every state in the nation, according to data from the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics.

You tell us, do they earn enough?

Alabama: $22,930

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Janitors in Alabama have incomes on the low end of the spectrum. They earned an average of just $22,930 in 2017.

Alaska: $33,880

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If you want to go where the money is, head to Alaska. The state has the second-highest average income in the nation for this occupation. Of course prices — especially for housing — are high in Alaska, too.

Arizona: $25,760

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In Arizona, janitors and cleaners can expect to bring home an average of $25,760 per year.

Arkansas: $22,670

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Arkansas likely has many positive attributes, but it’s not the best place for janitors’ wages. The average salary for these workers in 2017 was only $22,670.

California: $31,910

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California pays its janitors well compared with many other states, and it has plenty of jobs available, too. More than a quarter of a million people were employed in this profession in the Golden State in 2017.

Colorado: $28,170

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The going pay for a janitor in Colorado is $28,170 per year, on average.

Connecticut: $32,860

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Connecticut is another prime location for janitors and building cleaners. Workers in this occupation averaged $32,860 in 2017. That makes this the fourth-highest-paying state for janitors in the nation.

Delaware: $27,340

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If you want to clean corporate offices in Delaware, you can expect to earn an average of $27,340 per year.

District of Columbia: $30,940

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Janitors in the District of Columbia earn nearly $31,000 to do their work. Washington, D.C., also has the second-highest concentration of jobs in the country, proving there is plenty of trash to be taken out in the offices of our nation’s capital.

Florida: $23,980

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Florida employs more than 125,000 workers to keep businesses, clubs and stores — not to mention Walt Disney World — clean. That makes it fourth on the list when it comes to the number of janitors and building cleaners employed. However, the average annual salary for these workers is among the bottom 10 in the country.

Georgia: $23,930

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Southern states, in general, simply aren’t good places for janitors, income-wise. All of the lowest-paying states are in the South, and Georgia is no exception.

Hawaii: $29,160

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The average income for janitors in Hawaii was $29,160 in 2017. The state also had the fourth highest concentration of janitorial workers in the nation last year, something that is likely linked to its robust tourism industry.

Idaho: $24,630

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Work in Idaho as a janitor, and you can expect to earn an average of $24,630 a year.

Illinois: $29,850

Dmitry Kalinovsky / Shutterstock.com

Pay for this job in Illinois is a little higher, with janitors and cleaners averaging $29,850 in 2017.

Indiana: $25,850

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If you headed to Indiana to work as a janitor in 2017, you’d make an average of $25,850 per year.

Iowa: $27,280

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From the halls of Iowa State University to the aisles of the local Hy-Vee, janitors keep Iowa clean. They get paid an average of $27,280 per year for their efforts.

Kansas: $25,200

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Janitors and building cleaners in Kansas earn a paycheck averaging $25,200 per year.

Kentucky: $25,240

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People who clean up after others in the Bluegrass State earned an average annual income of $25,240 in 2017.

Louisiana: $21,560

Lisa F. Young / Shutterstock.com

Louisiana has the lowest-paid janitors of all 50 states. The statewide average is a mere $21,560 per year, but we hope those folks cleaning up after Mardi Gras in the French Quarter get paid a little more.

Maine: $29,010

Hand with rag cleaning table top
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The pay for janitors in Maine runs a little higher than the national average. Workers here can expect to earn $29,010 per year.

Maryland: $27,300

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In Maryland, janitors and building cleaners earned an average of $27,300 in 2017.

Massachusetts: $35,300

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This is it. It doesn’t get any better than Massachusetts when it comes to janitor pay. At $35,300 per year, the state had the highest average wages in the nation for this occupation in 2017.

Michigan: $26,540

Andrey_Popov / Shutterstock.com

If you work in Michigan as a janitor, you can expect an average income of $26,540.

Minnesota: $30,640

Dmitry Kalinovsky / Shutterstock.com

Minnesota is near the top in the nation when it comes to janitor pay. Workers in the state earned an average of $30,640 in 2017.

Mississippi: $21,870

Mark McElroy / Shutterstock.com

Janitor salaries seem to sink as you head south, and they average just $21,870 in Mississippi.

Missouri: $25,670

zentradyi3ell / Shutterstock.com

In Missouri, janitors and building cleaners earned an average of $25,670 in 2017.

Montana: $28,670

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As a sparsely populated state, Montana also has relatively few janitors. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says only about 7,600 people work in this occupation in the state. Those who do earn an average annual income of $28,670.

Nebraska: $26,370

Siyanight / Shutterstock.com

Janitors and builder cleaners sweep an average of $26,370 into their bank accounts each year.

Nevada: $29,150

Andrey_Popov / Shutterstock.com

An army of cleaners is needed to keep the casinos and clubs in Las Vegas looking good, and Nevada has the highest concentration of janitors in the nation. The nearly 30,000 janitorial workers in the state earn an average of nearly $30,000 each to do their jobs.

New Hampshire: $28,620

ALPA PROD / Shutterstock.com

In New Hampshire, you can expect an annual income of $28,620 for janitorial work.

New Jersey: $31,070

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Compared with much of the country, New Jersey pays its janitors well. They earn an average of $31,070 in the Garden State.

New Mexico: $23,710

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As another state in the bottom 10 in terms of salary, New Mexico janitors and cleaners earn only $23,710 on average each year.

New York: $33,470

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New York has it all: good pay and plenty of jobs. It ranks second for the number of people employed as janitors and cleaners and third for their average annual pay: $33,470. New York City employs more cleaning staff than any other metropolitan area in the nation.

North Carolina: $23,420

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The pay for janitors in North Carolina isn’t great. These workers have some of the lowest average annual salaries in the country for this profession. Their average wage: $23,420.

North Dakota: $30,310

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Janitors in North Dakota get paid a not-too-shabby $30,310 a year.

Ohio: $26,910

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In the Buckeye State, you’ll earn an average of $26,910 a year working as a janitor.

Oklahoma: $23,170

Scrub bathroom
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You won’t get rich working as a janitor or building cleaner in Oklahoma, where average pay is just $23,170 a year.

Oregon: $29,130

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The average going rate for a janitor in Oregon is $29,130 a year.

Pennsylvania: $28,090

MIA Studio / Shutterstock.com

Pennsylvania is in the middle of the pack when it comes to janitor pay. The average annual salary there is $28,090.

Rhode Island: $29,470

Diana Grytsku / Shutterstock.com

Incomes for janitors and cleaners in Rhode Island run an average of $29,470 a year.

South Carolina: $22,630

Yuganov Konstantin / Shutterstock.com

There isn’t much money to be made in janitorial work in South Carolina. The average income there is only $22,630 per year.

South Dakota: $25,090

Andrey_Popov / Shutterstock.com

The South Dakota janitorial workforce is small — fewer than 8,500 people were employed in those jobs there in 2017 — but the state still manages to rank fifth in the nation for having the highest concentration of janitorial jobs. Workers there earn an average of $25,090 a year.

Tennessee: $24,260

Andrey_Popov / Shutterstock.com

In Tennessee, janitors earned $24,260 a year, on average, in 2017.

Texas: $23,870

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Texas doesn’t pay its janitors well — at $23,870 a year, on average, it’s one of the 10 lowest-paying states. But there are plenty of positions available. Nearly 165,000 Texans worked in this occupation in 2017, giving it the third-highest rate of employment of janitors in the country.

Utah: $24,010

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Utah is another state in the bottom half of the pack when it comes to janitors’ pay. There, such workers earn an average of $24,010 annually.

Vermont: $30,200

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Vermont has the fewest janitorial workers in the nation, with only 4,770 people employed in this job in 2017. However, they earn some of the highest pay: $30,200 per year, on average.

Virginia: $25,650

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In Virginia, the average annual pay for a janitor was $25,650 in 2017.

Washington: $32,830

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If you work as a janitor in Washington state, you’ll earn more than most of your counterparts elsewhere in the country. At $32,830, average incomes for this work in the state are the fifth-highest in the nation.

West Virginia: $25,050

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West Virginia janitors cleaned up to the tune of $25,050 a year in 2017.

Wisconsin: $27,160

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Pay for janitors in Wisconsin is on the higher end of the spectrum. Workers there average $27,160 a year.

Wyoming: $29,190

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It may be at the end of the alphabet, but Wyoming is in the nation’s top 10 states for janitor pay, with salaries averaging $29,190 per year.

Weigh in with your thoughts on our Facebook page or in comments below. Do we pay people enough to do the work of keeping offices, hospitals and other buildings clean?

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