How to Find Your Perfect Financial Adviser
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If you’ve read articles like “3 Steps to Finding the Perfect Financial Adviser,” you know Money Talks News CEO Stacy Johnson recommends only one type of financial adviser: the kind who doesn’t work on commissions and always puts your interests first, technically known as a fiduciary.

The question is, how do you find that perfect adviser? Well, we finally have an answer.

Money Talks News is now partnering with Wealthramp: a free service providing referrals to the nation’s top, personally vetted, independent fiduciary advisers.

Wealthramp is the brainchild of Pam Krueger, a well-known investor advocate and co-host of “MoneyTrack” on PBS. She’s also someone Stacy has personally known for nearly 30 years.

Just like eHarmony helps match people in romantic relationships, Wealthramp empowers you to find the right fiduciary adviser based on your personal preferences. Unlike eHarmony, however, Wealthramp doesn’t charge you for the service.

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How Wealthramp works

In three simple steps, you’ll get matched to professional investment advisers that are the best fit based on your personal preferences, including how you want to interact with an adviser.

  • Step one: Answer a few simple questions. Your priorities are what drive the best possible match. These brief questions screen out the advisers who don’t fit your preferences.
  • Step two: Review your matches. Take a close look at each adviser match, you’ll find their background records right there on their profile. Remember, the advisers on Wealthramp are fiduciaries, not salespeople. That means they’re required to put your interests first.
  • Step three: Make it happen. Click “request an introduction” and expect a reply from that adviser within 48 hours. You can also talk to your adviser matches using a private message, connect via the LinkedIn button, or simply start talking to the adviser directly using the contact information that you are provided.

The search is completely complimentary, and there’s never an obligation. (Of course, should you choose to hire an adviser, you’ll work out a payment arrangement directly with them. But you’re never paying Wealthramp.)

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Note: At Money Talks News, we often partner with outside services to bring you the best in financial advice and products. And while they may compensate us for referrals, that never influences our evaluations. Our opinions are always our own.