Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

This week: How to look rich when you're not, whether accountants are really boring, facing failure, tips for shopping kids' consignment sales, and nine purchases that will single-handedly pay for your Costco membership.

Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

1. 9 Items That Will Single-Handedly Pay for Your Costco Membership

[Save Outside the Box] “At this point, the only two good excuses for not being a Costco member are living too far away from one OR living alone and therefore not deriving enough benefit from having a membership.”

We did a recent story called “10 Best Buys at Warehouse Clubs,” but this story takes it a bit further by listing purchases that alone will make membership worthwhile. See the story for the entire list, but a few examples are tires, movie tickets, baby formula and wine.

2. Tips for Shopping Kids’ Consignment Sales and Mistakes to Avoid

[Stapler Confessions] “Yesterday I shopped at my first consignment sale of the season. I saw a lot of people make what I think is the No. 1 mistake of consignment sale shopping, but also learned a great new trick — both of which made me realize that I had to write this post sooner rather than later!”

The No. 1 mistake of shopping at a consignment sale of kids’ items? Bringing the kids along. Best trick? Sign up for the pre-sale. But that’s just the beginning of the tips in this article. There’s a lot here, including how to find consignment sales in your area. Check it out.

3. Facing Failure

[Teens Got Cents] “I recently got some difficult news and have been thinking about how I would tell you all about what has happened. As far as problems go it isn’t the end of the world but it has a significant impact on my life this year.”

While I’ve reviewed a ton of blogs written by people in their 20s, this is the first I’ve seen from a high schooler. I found this article particularly poignant. It’s essentially about the author failing to qualify for dual (college and high school) enrollment in her senior year because of a bad math test score. She was devastated and, as any of us would be, embarrassed. Yet rather than pretend it never happened, she met her failure head on and wrote about it for the world to see.

Would you have done that when you were in high school? Or, for that matter, at any time in your life? And not only does she admit it, she lists eight specific things she learned from the experience. Courageous. Take a look.

4. Are Accountants Really Boring?

[The Blunt Bean Counter] “The joke goes like this: ‘When does a person decide to become an accountant?’ Drum roll, please. The answer: ‘When they realize that they do not have the charisma to become an undertaker.’ Or how about this one? Question: ‘What does an accountant use for birth control?’ Answer: ‘Their personality.'”

I started my career as an accountant, and have often said that while no generalization can accurately describe any group, in my experience the common belief that accountants are boring comes close. So I had to see if the author of this blog, an accountant, would say the same.

Surprisingly, he pretty much did, although he also included a list of famous, non-boring accountants. It wasn’t very long.

5. How to Look Rich Without Having Much Money

[Wise Bread] “Rich folks aren’t elusive creatures that you’ll only capture in their natural environment while gazing from afar. Nope, they’re all around us, and if you want to be perceived as someone who runs with the elite, learn how to act, dress, and talk like them.”

This (I hope) tongue-in-cheek article is full of advice about fitting in with rich people by hanging where they hang, looking put together, yada, yada, yada. What the author doesn’t make very clear, however, is why you’d want to do that.

Another thing he misses is what was proved long ago in books like “The Millionaire Next Door,” namely that many millionaires don’t look wealthy, which is, of course, why they are. As I’m fond of saying, “You can either look rich or be rich, but it’s unlikely you’ll live long enough to accomplish both.”

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