Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

1. 5 Things to Do When You Need Money Now

[Narrow Bridge Finance] “Many people face a time in their lives when they are in dire need of money. Whether it’s a loss of income or an unexpected bill, being put into a position where you need quick cash to pay the bills is very stressful. If you are in this position, you have a few ways to get your hands on cash fast.”

So how can you get money fast? This author suggests selling stuff, looking for money you’re owed, increasing the exemptions on your W-4, borrowing and getting a side gig. See the post for details.

2. How to Negotiate Salary at a New Job

[One Cent at a Time] “Do you know how disastrous not negotiating your first salary could be? A study conducted by George Mason University and Temple University researchers, and published in the Journal of Organizational Behavior, found that new hires who negotiated their starting salaries gained $5,000 on average, which was worth more than $600,000 over the course of a 40-year career.”

Even if you’re not starting a new job, these tips are applicable for just about any negotiation. They include not speaking too soon, letting the other side make the first offer, not taking the first offer, knowing what you’re worth, and negotiating perks and benefits as well as salary.

Good advice. Check it out.

3. A Choice We Must All Make: Your Money or Your Life

[Big Guy Money] “What I’m going to do is go through the nine-step program that is ‘Your Money or Your Life,’ highlighting key concepts that I took away as impactful, along with a few things that I didn’t agree with as much, including some awesome quotes along the way.”

This post is a synopsis of “Your Money or Your Life,” a book I read many years ago. In fact, “Your Money or Your Life” was part of the inspiration behind my first book, “Life or Debt,” which I wrote in 2001.

Read this post, then read the book. Is it really that good? Yes.

4. Behind the Scenes of a Happy Frugal Marriage

[Frugalwoods] “The way Mr. FW and I handle our finances is a microcosm of our overall relationship dynamics. We operate on principles of trust, specialization, and collaboration.”

Much has been written about couples and money, here and elsewhere. But I found this post to offer a well-written look at a couple who are on the same page, both financially and otherwise. If you’re already in a relationship, it’s good reading. If you’re thinking about getting into one, it’s a must-read.

5. 9 Problems You Can’t Solve With Money

[Wise Bread] “No matter how limitless your budget and how strong your arm, there are certain times when throwing money at a problem simply won’t help. So take a look at the list below and ask yourself: Are you facing a situation whose solution might require thought and effort, as opposed to more bankroll?”

While these issues won’t come as a surprise, they will serve as a reminder that everything in life isn’t about the benjamins. The list includes failed relationships, a midlife crisis, getting in shape, becoming a better person and being happy.

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