Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

This week: Should you date deadbeats, the most important lesson for young adults, giving an allowance on a prepaid card, 9 characteristics of a great job, and 15 free ways to learn something new.

Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

1. Dating and Financial Compatibility: Should you Drop a Financial Deadbeat?

[20 Something Finance] “Most of us make or have judgments on relationship success based on things such as age, education level, religious denomination, occupation, appearance (height, weight, smile, posture, firmness of butt, etc., etc., etc.), food tastes, smell of breath, sense of humor, music preferences, or whether said person held that door for us on the way out of the restaurant. Would it not make sense that we then take into strong consideration the No. 1 predictor of long-term relationship success – financial compatibility?”

While one of the major causes of divorce is money, I’d take exception to this author’s statement that financial compatibility is the No. 1 predictor of long-term relationship success. Still, this post raises some interesting questions.

2. Most Important Thing for Young Adults to Learn

[20s Finances] “If someone were to ask me what’s most important to financial success for young adults, or what young adults need to learn most, it would be self-control – the ability to resist consumerism.”

Well-spoken. This author goes on to provide specific reasons why self-control is the single most important money-related lesson for the young (and, in my opinion, those of all ages). It’s good stuff — check it out.

3. Are Prepaid Cards Good for an Allowance?

[Ask Liz Weston] Liz tackles this question by first pointing out that many prepaid cards are loaded with fees, so it’s important to find one that isn’t. “You wouldn’t be teaching financial responsibility — the whole point of an allowance — if you gave him a prepaid card larded with fees to access his own money.”

She suggests a couple of low-cost options, as well as workarounds for age, because there are age limits for prepaid cards.

4. 9 Characteristics of a Great Job

[Brip Blap] This post is misnamed. It should be called, “9 Things to Remember About Your Current Less-Than-Perfect Job.”

Things to remember if you’re not wild about your job? You don’t have to stay there for life, you’re not your job, the grass isn’t always greener, and it might get better. Check out the post for more.

5. 15 Free Ways to Learn Something New

[Wise Bread] Who’s offering to teach you valuable skills for nothing? As it turns out, a whole bunch of people.

Home improvement and grocery stores offer free classes, and who hasn’t used YouTube to learn everything from making gravy to fixing your plumbing. Libraries and your local parks and recreation department might also be offering free classes. The post also has links to sites where you can take college courses free, as well as some other great ideas.

Want to expand both your mind and skills? Start by reading this post.

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