Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

1. Cheap Grocery Alternatives to Meat

[Financial Highway] I used to eat a lot more red meat than I do today, but I still can’t imagine a meatless life. Too bad. Not only is eating animals kinda creepy, it’s also neither healthy nor cheap.

But even if you refuse to completely eliminate meat from your diet, maybe this post will give you some ideas to cut down. It explains how to substitute things like lentils, mushrooms and nuts for meat. Check it out. Your heart, and budget, may someday thank you.

2. The Price Is Right: A Guide to Getting Free Stuff

[The Frugal Model] We’ve done similar articles — see “21 Things You Should Never Pay For” — but there’s always new perspectives on old topics.

From business cards to language classes, this post is full of useful advice and links. Unless you like paying more for things than you have to, you might want to give it a read.

3. Saving Too Much For Retirement? Is It Really Possible?

[Generation X Finance] With all the talk about underfunded retirement, it never occurred to me that you could save too much. But this post says it’s possible.

How can you save too much for retirement? By sacrificing too much today. For example, enjoying life when you’re young is also a desirable goal, and socking every cent away for a retirement you may not live to see may not be the best path.

Point taken. Check out the article and see if you agree.

4. 3 Unconventional Ways to Advance Your Career

[Girls Just Wanna Have Funds] When we think of ways to advance our careers, we typically think of things like specialized training or networking. But this author suggests doing things that might seem a bit more indirectly related to your current job.

For example, one of her suggestions is getting a side gig so you can learn something entirely different and perhaps create a new path to follow. She also suggests starting a blog to advance your own brand. Check out the post for more.

5. 10 Rules of Etiquette Everyone Should Know (and Follow!)

[Wise Bread] I was brought up a proper Southern gentleman, so I was aware of most of these tips. My mother taught me, for example, that when it comes to cutlery at a formal dinner, you start with the outside fork and work your way in.

But just because I was aware of most of the things on this list doesn’t mean I always remember to do them. (For example, sending thank-you cards.) From handling a death to handling a cellphone, this is a good post for those in need of a manners brush-up.

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