Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

This week: cutting the cost of prom, indispensable tips for teens, looking rich on a small budget, ideas for the perpetually lazy, and how to stop online impulse spending.

Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

1. 5 Frugal Tips for Perpetually Lazy People

[Financial Highway] “Are you a serious slacker? Does being frugal give you a brain cramp? Here are five ways to save money and time that barely require lifting a finger.”

We’ve offered some of the same type of advice in stories like “10 Small Money Moves That Will Make a Big Difference,” but this author suggests some stuff we didn’t think of. Examples include home decorating in a modern, uncluttered style, living where you can do more walking and less driving, and using charity pickup services.

2. How to Look Rich With a Small Budget Wardrobe

[Frugal Model] “The trick is to make sure you’re buying the right kinds of pieces and caring for them properly so that no one would ever guess you paid so little for your outfit. Here are some insider tips for how to keep a small budget wardrobe looking its very best.”

Again, we’ve covered this topic in posts like “10 Ways to Pay Less for Designer Duds,” but since this author is a working model, she brings an expert view to bear. Her suggestions include keeping it simple, using a steamer, picking tweed, cotton and linen, and avoiding over-accessorizing.

Confession: I didn’t have a clue what many of these tips were about. There’s a lot here, but it’s strictly for the ladies.

3. 9 Indispensable Financial Tips for Teens and 20-Somethings

[Len Penzo] “I hate to admit this, kids, but I used to think my parents were really dumb too. A few peas short of a casserole. All foam, no beer. Dumber than a box of hair.”

There’s some really great advice in this article. A sampling: Think about what you want to do before you go to college; learn to cook; make your first car dependable, not flashy; don’t rush into marriage; and before you buy, rent.

All good advice, but there’s no way I would have heeded most of it when I was young.

4. How to Cut the Cost of Prom and Still Be Cool

[Living on the Cheap] “Time was, going to the prom meant you got a new dress (or a sister’s hand-me-down). Your date, who wore a suit and brought a corsage, picked you up in his own (or his parents’) car. You went to the dance and then he took you home. Any teenager today would laugh at such an idea.”

Could proms have changed so much? As a childless guy, I had no idea, but apparently these days proms are more likely to include limousines, fancy restaurants and professional photographers. (Sounds like a wedding to me.)

The good news: As with most expenses in life, there are ways to save, from carpooling the limo to choosing alternatives to the professional photo. There’s plenty here, kids. Check it out.

5. This Is How You Stop Online Impulse Spending

[Wise Bread] “Impulse-buy opportunities online are rampant — appearing in our newsfeeds, through emails, and on practically every website we visit. But in order to stay on track financially, one must eliminate those urges to impulsively buy things online.”

I guess since we also feature deals on the daily Money Talks News newsfeed, we’re part of the problem. But we also often feature tips to avoid impulse buys, including some of those mentioned in this post. They include being stingy with your email address and creating a budget. Check out the post for more.

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