Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

This week: Tools to create free time, how to fix money problems, where to teach your kids about money, when to quit your job, and inexpensive gift ideas.

Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

1. 10 Romantic and Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend or Wife

[Money Crashers] “If your bank account balance limits the amount you can spend on a gift, then jewelry and other pricey presents are out of the question. However, you can still salvage a romantic day without spending a ton.”

With Mother’s Day around the corner, this post could come in handy for husbands. Ideas include a deck of cards with things you like about her written on each, homemade chocolates, a homemade coupon book and date-of-the-month club. Some pretty cool ideas here. See the post for more.

2. Work Stress – At What Point Would You Quit?

[Money Rebound] “Even if you don’t rush out and quit your job, perhaps just finding the strength to talk about your problems either with your employer or with a qualified professional could be a great help in reducing your stress. It could even turn out to be a lifesaver.”

The author of this post had been reading about work-related suicide and wonders why anyone would rather die than quit, and why they can’t find other ways to deal with their stress. While he doesn’t offer any specific solutions, if you’re feeling a lot of stress at work, this piece is an opportunity to take a look at yourself and your work environment.

3. The Surprising Place I Taught My Daughter About Money

[Money Ning] “I never would’ve imagined that a simple trip to Target could have evolved into such a great financial learning opportunity for my 11-year-old daughter.”

I don’t have kids, but I can’t say I’m surprised Target is a good place to teach an 11-year-old about money.

What that child learned and how she learned it was pretty cool. For example, Dad had her use her cellphone’s calculator app to compute the sales tax on the purchases she was about to make. Then he explained what sales tax is.

One thing that surprised me: Eleven-year-olds have cellphones?

4. 10 Steps to Fix Your Money Problems

[Moolanomy] “If you are in a bad financial situation, here are 10 things that could help you toward recovery. These steps will put you back on track, but the journey will be long. But as Confucius said, ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.'”

We recently did a post called “8 Ways to Bounce Back From Financial Disaster.” This post had some similarities, but some additional advice as well. Tips included cutting up the credit cards, avoiding the mall, saving $20 a week, and putting money in a 401(k). There’s more. Check it out.

5. Weird Money Facts: Why We Throw Money in Fountains

[Wise Bread] “How many times have you passed a fountain and thought about throwing a penny in there, just on the off chance that a dream could come true? And how many fountains have you seen that didn’t have coins in them? Chances are, they’re few and far between.”

Isn’t it odd that people would never deliberately throw money on the ground, but don’t hesitate to throw it in a fountain? If you want to know where this custom came from, here’s your story.

What’s not included: whether it actually works to make wishes come true.

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