Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

This week: How to win big on big expenses, how to find cheap video games, 20 cheap summer activities, a better way to teach kids about money, and 9 things you don't need to clean.

Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

1. These Big Financial Wins Will Put a Lot of Money in Your Pocket!

[Free From Broke] “[T]wo strategies combined — earning more money and saving money in all the little ways you spend on a daily basis — are important to growing your net worth. But there’s also another strategy that may be even more important than cutting corners on routine, small expenditures — cutting corners on large purchases that can save you thousands in one fell swoop.”

We’ve covered nearly all of these things in various articles, but this post on saving big on big expenses is still worth a read. It covers things like reducing insurance costs, getting the best deal on both your house and mortgage, and negotiating a top salary on your next job.

2. Gaming Gripes: How to Find Cheap Online or Video Games

[Frenzied Finances] “Contrary to the gamer’s belief, plenty of sites, organizations and people offer cheap video games, movies and online games. An active gamer just has to know where to find them.”

It’s been years since I’ve played video games, but I’ve had fun doing it. (I’ve spent an embarrassing number of hours playing Tomb Raider.) If you’re a gamer, here’s your article. Tips include online sites, flea markets, game resellers, online auction sites and more. There are also a few specific links to check out.

3. 20 Cheap Summer Activities

[Frugal Rules] “I know my family is looking for some fun, cheap ways to enjoy the warm summer days ahead. Even though we’re on a tight budget as we work to pay off debt, one thing we won’t give up is fun.”

Although summer is well under way, you can’t have too many cheap and fun things to do. Read the post for details on things like painting rocks, scavenger hunts, backyard movies, races, camping and summer shopping.

4. Teach Kids about Money – A New Approach!

[Krantcents] “As hard as you try, it is ironic that they learn much more from what you do versus what you may say to them. All children, and particularly teenagers, watch and listen to what you are doing. What are you showing your children?”

This post was written by a teacher and suggests taking kids on field trips to learn more about money. For example, a trip to a pawn shop, or to a business to find out what it’s like to interview for a job.

Great idea, isn’t it? Read the post for more.

5. 9 Things You Don’t Need to Clean

[Wise Bread]Let’s look at nine cleaning chores you can usually skip without major repercussions — and some that you are not supposed to do at all.”

What a great idea: a list of chores you don’t have to do. So what things don’t need cleaning? Ears, cats, toothbrushes and chicken, among other things. To find out why, give this article a read.

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