Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

1. Why You Actually Want to Have to Call a Locksmith

[One Cent at a Time] “[W]hen something as silly as locking yourself out of your own house happens, you’re pretty close to throwing a rock in a window just so you can get in. It’s understandable, though; calling a locksmith can get pretty costly. Don’t feel too bad. The need to call a locksmith is actually a good thing!”

Why is it a good thing? It means your house is secure.

This post has some tips on how to break into your house if it’s not secure, and how to make it more secure so people — including you — can’t get in without a key.

2. Fear Is Your Mind at Its Dumbest

[Raptitude] “For some reason we interpret the presence of fear as a trustworthy reason to be tentative, to delay our arrival at a result. This gives fear time to make the unhappiest possibilities bigger in our minds, seemingly more worthy of respect. Yet fear is your mind at its dumbest and least articulate. All it knows how to do is shout, “Get away!”

I’ve often said that 90 percent of life is about overcoming fear. I also believe that fear is the underlying cause of virtually every negative human behavior, from racial prejudice to greed. If you agree, and would like a little less fear in your life, read this article and others like it.

3. How I Had Everything When We Had No Money

[Getting a Rich Life] “We all have so much more than we realize, we often overlook our blessings. The ironic thing is, when you pursue what others have, you often end up with nothing.”

This author’s story isn’t at all unusual, which is what makes it poignant. As a child, he had nearly nothing. The instant he got out on his own, he got it all, although he couldn’t afford it and ended up in debt. Then it hit him. He was better off with nothing than being one paycheck, and loan payment, away from disaster.

4. Decluttering Sentimental Items (aka Sentimental Clutter)

[Rethinking the Dream] “Sentimental clutter is the hardest of all items to declutter. My wife and I struggled with this during our decluttering in what we called the Big Purge and later in smaller purges. I had things from my childhood. Things like artwork from the many art classes I took in high school, stuffed animals from my childhood, yearbooks from high school, and a bunch of school papers my parents had saved.”

This is the first article I can remember reading that takes on the elephant in the room when it comes to getting rid of stuff — namely, how to ditch stuff you’re attached to.

So how do you do it? Read the post to get all of the advice, but the basic idea is to keep only those items with a very strong, and fond, memory attached, and to severely limit even those.

The author also includes links to others who have written about this topic. If you’re having trouble letting go, give it a read.

5. 8 Common Pieces of Emotional Baggage (and How to Ditch Them)

[Wise Bread]I hate the weight of unnecessary stuff. That’s why I fly with just a carry-on and never take a purse or jacket into concerts. But excess baggage isn’t only physical. As we travel through life, we collect emotional baggage as well. And just like lugging a roller bag that’s missing one wheel through the airport, emotional baggage can really slow us down.

Nobody gets out of this world alive, and nobody gets through it without some baggage. So what are the most common things that drag us down? Guilt, regret, shame, being your own critic, anger, stress, past relationships and fear.

How do you ditch them? For details, read the article. But here’s the basic idea: Feel them, acknowledge them, then let them go.

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