Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

This week: Why you should sleep on your side, how to get cheaper textbooks, how not to ruin your retirement, 100 ways to improve your finances, and why you shouldn't retire early.

Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

1. 100 Ways to Improve Your Finances (Most in Under 10 Minutes)

[Dough Roller] “To commemorate the 100th episode of the Dough Roller podcast, I pulled together 100 ways to improve your finances. Let’s get started.”

This is one of the more exhaustive lists of money-management and money-saving tips I’ve seen yet. It includes everything from “balance your checkbook” to “read The Wall Street Journal.” If you like long lists of to-do’s, this one delivers.

2. Why You Shouldn’t Retire Early – Even Though You Want To

[Feeling Financial] “Retiring early isn’t always a good idea. That’s not to say you can’t or shouldn’t. You’ve undoubtedly done plenty of planning and research to figure out how you can make it happen – and I hope you can make it happen – but here are a few last gotchas to be aware of before you pull the trigger.”

Less Social Security, the difficulty of going back to work, life’s unpleasant, and sometimes expensive, surprises: all reasons to think hard before leaving hard work behind. See the post for more.

3. 5 Current Financial Decisions That Can Ruin Your Retirement Future

[Financial Highway] “For many of us, a comfortable retirement is the financial end goal. However, the things you do right now might be keeping you from that goal. Here are five financial decisions that could be undermining your retirement future.”

Some of these impediments to a happy retirement might surprise you. For example, the author cautions against “putting others first,” a reference to funding your child’s education before securing your own retirement. Other potential problems include taking money from your retirement plans, paying high fees, not taking enough advantage of tax-advantaged investing, and not taking enough risk.

4. 10 Tricks to Get Cheaper Textbooks (Because Tuition Is Expensive Enough!)

[Free From Broke] “When I went back to school some years ago I expected tuition to be higher, and it was. That wasn’t a shock though. … Know what shocked me? I was shocked at how expensive textbooks had become! I found that some textbooks were easily $100-plus, some lots more. I quickly realized I had to figure out how to get cheaper textbooks!”

So how do you find cheap textbooks? You’ll have to read the post for the details, but tips include renting, using Amazon, finding used books online, buying an older edition, and splitting the cost with another student. If you’re in school, unless you’re made of money, this is a must-read.

5. Your Sleeping Position May Be Hurting You

[Wise Bread]Are you experiencing discomfort, exhaustion, or pain that doesn’t seem to have a cause? You may want to consider changing your sleeping position to see if that helps you feel better.”

This post suggests that sleeping on your side is probably best for most people and sleeping on your stomach is worst. What it doesn’t explain, however, is how you’re supposed to change your sleep position. I don’t know about you, but my body does pretty much anything it wants to while I’m asleep, which usually leads to waking up on my stomach.

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