Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

1. My New Moneymaking Hobby

[Punch Debt in the Face] “In typical frugal fashion, I wasn’t just on the hunt for any ol’ scooter. I was on the hunt for a GREAT deal. I wanted to buy a scooter that I knew I could sell for more than I paid for it, in the event I decided scootering sucked.”

This post isn’t about whether scootering sucks, but about how the author discovered he could buy and sell used scooters for profit. It’s reminiscent of the recent article we did called “The Secrets of Buying and Selling for Profit,” and serves as a great example of how those with a little time, patience and seed capital can easily make some side cash. Check it out.

2. On Stage or Screen: Here’s How to Earn a Living as an Actor

[PT Money] “Most actors leave the business within a few years of starting out. Of the 60 people in my freshman class of ’04 at the Tisch School of the Arts, one became crazy famous (Lady Gaga), two or three have been on Broadway, and another two or three of us are still working in the business. The rest are out, and for good reason.”

This article is really about how difficult it is to make a living acting more than it is a “how-to.” Along with advice on how tough the road is, the author highlights the importance of living frugally and living your dreams. If you’ve given any thought to hitting the stage, hit this post first.

3. How to Be a Good Stranger

[Raptitude] “Over the years I’ve become more aware of my snap judgments, but they still happen all the time. I frequently catch myself damning certain strangers as altogether bad people, on the basis of one instance of their not using their turn signal, or having a conversation that blocks a doorway.”

This well-written article should be a must-read for virtually all of us. It describes the tendency we all have from time to time to harshly judge the strangers around us for crimes ranging from failing to use a turn signal to absentmindedly blocking the sidewalk. The suggestion is that rather than make secret enemies of those who temporarily cross our paths, make them secret allies instead. Read this one, then act on it. You’ll feel a lot better about yourself and all of humanity.

4. Paper Clutter – The Most Dreaded Type of Clutter

[Rethinking the Dream] “In my eyes, paper clutter is the most difficult class of items to declutter, because it piles up so easily and you have to look at every single piece of paper to sort it. You can easily have thousands of sheets of paper that need sorting and decluttering. Compare that to a kitchen cabinet with dozens of dishes or a closet with tens or hundreds of clothing items. It’s easy to see why paper clutter can be such a daunting task.”

I’m a big fan of scanning. (See “Don’t Store Your Tax Return — Toss It Out“) but if you’re not and insist on keeping stacks of paper around, this is your post. It offers a step-by-step guide on how to approach, sort and store the paper in your life. But just read it. Don’t print it out.

5. The 8 Scariest Things Probably Coming to Air Travel

[Wise Bread] “Here are eight ‘innovations’ that may be coming to an airline that you fly regularly. Don’t be surprised if you see these changes sooner rather than later. What was once something comedians joked about is going to become the reality for almost all of us.”

Some of these things (flying standing up) seem unlikely to me, at least in the near future, but others (lavatory fees) don’t seem all that far-fetched. Other things on the list include women-only air crews (because they tend to weigh less) and a “fat fee.” Check out the list yourself for what could be ahead when you fly the unfriendly skies.

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