Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

This week: Why you only need three pairs of jeans, why you shouldn't do your own laundry, why you should install plastic over your windows, why your goals may actually be just tasks and how to estimate your taxes.

Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

1. How to Estimate Your 2014 Tax Return

[Three Thrifty Guys] “I struggle to keep up with all the new tax changes and making sure that I can deduct enough to offset my supplemental income. If I were filing by mail and all the forms were stacked up, they’d struggle to stay thinner than a National Geographic magazine.”

If you’re not quite ready to do your taxes yet, but want to know how much you’ll owe or get back when the time comes, this short post offers advice and a link to a free online tool that can help.

2. 5 Signs Your Goals Are Just Tasks in Disguise

[Time Management Ninja] “I was talking with a friend the other day about how discouraged I was about missing a goal I set. She asked, “Do you always make your goals?” “Yes,” I confirmed, “Usually.” She was surprised. She often missed her goals. In fact, she thought that if you always meet your goals, maybe your goals are too easy. Maybe they are just tasks in disguise.”

This article suggests that things you regard as goals, meaning long-term accomplishments, are actually just tasks, meaning you may be setting the bar too low. Tip-offs include goals that are too small, readily sharing your goals with other people and fearing failure. It’s a good read: Check it out.

3. Installing Plastic Insulation on Windows

[Wealthy Turtle] “Since replacing all the windows in the house would be way too expensive and just not in my budget, I decided to keep the cold air out by using an inexpensive window insulation kit containing double-sided tape and thin, clear sheets of plastic.”

This post reminded me of living in Cincinnati years ago, when I used plastic window insulation, and everything else I could think of, to keep heating costs at bay. If you’re having a cold winter where you live, it’s good advice. As for me? I’m now in South Florida trying to keep air conditioning costs at bay.

4. You Are Stupid if You Do Your Own Laundry

[Wealthy Single Mommy] “… I really, really hate to do the wash, and I really, really hate the fold. The sorting and cycling and hauling of this never-ending chore is so tedious, so mundane and omnipotent that it is a joke for moms everywhere.”

How are you going to see that headline and not click on it?

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