Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

This week: Tools to prevent distractions at work, why you should drive a 19-year-old car, updating your snatch file, how canceling cable can get you cheaper cable and alternatives to paper cleaning products.

Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

1. Reclaim Your Time: 6 Online Tools to Stop Distractions

[Careful Cents] “I got distracted by the littlest things; the vibration of my phone, email notifications, and social media updates. Everything was vying for my attention. I realized that when you work for yourself, alone at home, you need to be incredibly disciplined and structured in order to stay focused and actually get things done.”

Since I work for myself, and more often than not alone at home, I was curious to see what tools I could use to stop distractions. One thing suggested by this author is an app called RescueTime. It tracks how much time you spend on various websites. Other suggestions include Google Calendar Time Journal, FocusBooster Timer, SelfControl App, [email protected] Music and Asana Task Management. Check out the post for how these apps can help you squeeze more time out of your day.

2. 19 Reasons Why We Still Drive a 19 Year Old Car

[Cash Cow Couple] “A 1996 Saturn SL1 with absolutely no options added. It’s bare bones with manual locks, manual windows, black steel rims, a ghetto CD player that doesn’t play CDs, and a number of other incredible features. I thought readers might like an entertaining post that details just a few of the many reasons we choose to keep this particular car, and why we won’t be getting rid of it any time soon.”

This is a funny read, but also true. Reasons to drive a 19-year-old car include not worrying when you back into something, not caring when you spill something and, since the car isn’t comfortable and neither heats nor cools properly, it provides an incentive not to drive unless absolutely necessary. If you drive an old car and forgot the benefits, check out this post.

3. New Year’s To Do List: #6 – Update Your Snatch File

[Chips Money Tips] “There may be a time when you need to snatch your important papers and make a quick getaway. Maybe your home is on fire. Maybe your spouse surprised you with a restraining order. Or maybe The Man has finally tracked you down, you one-armed bastage! Whatever the case – Are you ready to snatch & skedaddle ASAP?”

While none of the examples above fit my situation, I live in the land of hurricanes, so keeping an organized and easily grabbed file of important stuff is critical. This post offers advice on what to keep in your snatch file, as well as how to create and store a digital version.

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