Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

This week: How lunch can make you successful, how life can alter your financial outlook, how new credit cards affect credit scores, tax facts for single moms and 10 popular hacks that don't work.

Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

1. 6 Things Successful People Do During Their Lunch Break

[Time Management Ninja] “Believe it or not, several surveys have indicated that lunch break eating habits have drastic effects on a person’s success at work. Michael Kerr, an international business speaker and author says, ‘Successful people treat it (lunch break) like the halftime show at a football game — an opportunity to regroup and consider how they’re going to play out the rest of their day.'”

So, what should you be doing during lunch, in addition to eating? According to this author, making plans, networking, catching up on personal items, and my favorite: relaxing. See the story for more.

2. Four Epic Events That Forever Changed My Life And Finances

[Wealthy Turtle] “… Here are the major decisions and events that have had a profound impact on my finances and helped shape me into the person I am today.”

This is a story about how significant life events, like getting married, having kids and family illnesses can change the way we think about money as well as changing our actions and outlook. I couldn’t really think of any major life events that have changed my money behaviors. See if this well-written post stirs up anything for you.

3. I Opened 3 Credit Cards And My Credit Score Went Up

[Yes I Am Cheap] “At the end of January while I was snowed in one day, I sat down and threw a few of the rules that many personal finance experts recommend right out the window. I applied for three different credit cards in one sitting. ”

I get a lot of question about credit, including questions about the effects of applying for new credit cards. The title of this article answers the question: Additional credit isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Check it out to understand why.

4. 8 Things Single Moms Need to Know About Taxes

[Wealthy Single Mom] “Unmarried moms face a unique set of concerns in life, and that includes taxes. Before filing, single moms should consider these federal tax considerations.”

Considerations include filing as a head of household, determining who qualifies as a dependent, exemptions, credits, adoption costs and dependent care spending accounts. It’s a thorough explanation of a topic that for many can be thoroughly confusing.

5. 10 Popular Life Hacks That Don’t Actually Work

[Wise Bread] “Here are the top 10 life hacks I’ve found on the Internet that are not worth your time or energy. Seriously, you have better things to do than try (and fail) to make these work.”

I’m a sucker for stories that include a list of things to make life easier, but this is the first one I’ve seen claiming that many don’t actually work. Included in the list are using a wooden spoon to prevent boil-overs, making a smartphone amplifier from a toilet paper roll, making sandwiches in a toaster and more. Check it out.

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