Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

1. Ladies: Reclaim the $500,000 You’re Leaving on the Table

[Girls Just Wanna Have Funds] “Not only do women miss out in terms of making as much as men do over their lifetimes, but the loss is compounded by the fact lower pay means less money to invest in retirement accounts (especially if that lower pay is the result of staying home). So, how do you close the gap, especially if you decide to stay home at least during some of your working years?”

To see what steps you can take to recoup the half million you’re leaving on table, ladies, read the article. Ideas include becoming a better salary negotiator, starting a side gig and investing well.

2. Fighting to Stay in the Middle Class and Higher Classes

[Growing Money Smart] “I’m going to tell you a secret, that you may or may not have realized. Suddenly the deck is stacked against you in the wealth building process, especially if you are trying to climb up to the higher income and social classes.”

This article starts by detailing reasons the middle class is shrinking (think globalization and technology), then offers ways to fight back, including creating multiple streams of income, investing in emerging economies and becoming more self-sufficient.

3. What You Don’t Know?

[KrantCents] “It takes years and maturity to realize what you don’t know. I know because I have the (66 years old to be exact) years and maturity (just based on my age). Seriously, figuring out what you don’t know is really important and it should happen sooner rather than later.”

The author goes on to list 10 categories of knowledge many of us should learn more about. They include math, soft skills (like communication, listening and etiquette), using your mind, the opposite sex and even love. Check out the post for more.

4. 6 Ways to Decorate on a Dime

[Living on the Cheap] “As seasons change, so can our home décor. Problem is, it can be expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. We consulted some interior designers and asked for their best tips for freshening a home without spending a bundle.”

This article doesn’t offer decorating ideas that literally cost a dime, but it does offer some ways to change the look of a room for less. They include using fabrics, paint, accessories and more.

5. The 10 Worst Tax Moves You Can Make

[Wise Bread] “Before long, it will be 2015, and you’ll have to think about filing your tax return. Don’t freak out, you have some time. But it’s important to make the right decisions to avoid paying more tax than you have to, and to plan correctly for the following tax year. Here are 10 bad tax moves that everyone should avoid.”

We’ve covered most of these mistakes before, but they bear repeating. They include filing late, not filing, under- or over-withholding, treating your refund like it’s a bonus and poor record keeping. See the post for more.

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