Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

This week: Foods that increase your sex drive, how to achieve your financial goals, why you should be involved in your retirement investing, tricks to getting stuff done and why feeling broke is a good thing.

Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

1. Living on What You Earn Can Make You Feel Broke, and That’s a Good Thing!

[Beating Broke] “Our society is built on borrowing. Borrow for school, borrow for a car, borrow for a house, rent to own, pay in 10 easy installment plans. I’m done living that lifestyle, but in turn, I’ve picked a much more challenging lifestyle — living on what we earn.”

This article offers a brief explanation of how one family is avoiding debt in any form. If you’re trying to do something similar, it could prove a helpful source of both information and motivation.

2. The 15 Minute Trick to Getting Stuff Done

[Budgets Are Sexy] “I call this the 15 Minute Trick, and it’s super easy to do. Every time I don’t want to do something I know I REALLY need to get done, I tell myself that I’ll just sit down for 15 minutes and knock a little of it out, and then get right back to my awesome life of playing dad or blogging or looking at my sexy old coins from the 1800s.”

Super idea. I’ve used this before, but it never occurred to me to harness it as a tool to get things done. In addition to suggesting this clever way to get started, the author also offers a full list of things you should be doing. Check it out.

3. Why It’s Important To Be An Active Participant in Your Retirement

[Budget Blogess] “In my ongoing quest to be fearless in 2015 (err, for the rest of my life for that matter), I decided to take back my investments and retirement from the fees, investment advisers that never outperform the market and those powerhouses of profit – the banks.”

Another great idea: taking charge of your own financial future. If you’ve read this site for long, you know I’m no fan of investment advisers, especially the commission-based kind. Investing for retirement is one area where you not only can do it yourself, you really need to. This article offers the step by step on how one person took back the control of her financial future.

4. A Guaranteed Plan of Action for Achieving Your Financial Goals

[Careful Cents] “My speciality is talking about financial goals in particular (that’s why the blog is called Careful Cents!), but these tips will also apply to any goal you’re working towards. And I promise that if you take each of these steps and apply them to your goals, you’re guaranteed to accomplish them.”

Steps to success include writing out your goals, giving them a catchy title, using your goals as passwords (so you’re reminded of them daily), finding a mentor, staying accountable and more. If you really want to accomplish something, this article is a great roadmap to making it happen.

5. 7 Foods Scientifically Proven to Increase Your Sex Drive

[Wise Bread] “Ready to spice up date night? These seven foods will put you and your special someone in the mood long before the check arrives.”

I always assumed alcohol was the primary “food” that increased sex drive, and it did make the list, but only in the form of red wine. Other things listed include oysters, strawberries, salmon, dark chocolate, watermelon and sweet potatoes. Do they actually work? Check out the post for the facts, but if nothing else, it’s food for thought.

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