Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

This week: How to keep your job hunt secret, how you're wasting more than money at Starbucks, interview tips that generate offers, how making excuses holds you back and whether you should rent or own your next home.

Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

1. I Just Sold My Home of 21 Years — Should I Have Rented Instead?

[Frugal Fringe] “A passionate debate rages about whether it’s better to buy or rent a home. Homeowners argue they save vast amounts on rents and taxes. Renters maintain that they earn much more by investing in stocks instead of houses.”

While I agree there’s an ongoing buy vs. rent debate, I personally think the whole idea is silly. In my mind, buying practically anything you’re going to use long-term is better than renting it.

What this author brings to the table is facts and figures: exactly how much he made owning his home of 21 years and how it compares to what he would have made renting instead. While I think it’s comparing apples and oranges, it’s an interesting exercise. Check it out.

2. How Making Excuses Stops Your Success

[Frugal Rules] “When you make excuses for everything you do, then you really don’t ever do anything. People are always fearful of failure. It’s a natural thing. Who loves to fail? I can’t name anyone. While I don’t mind failing as it’s one of my ultimate motivators, I guess I can’t say I love it. I respect it.”

I really related to this story, both with the excuses I’ve personally made that have held me back, or the ones I continually hear that are holding back others. Want to stop making excuses and start racking up some wins? Give this one a read.

3. 10 Interview Tips that Will Get an Offer

[Krant Cents] “Whether this is your first job or the beginning of your career, the interview is important! Why not prepare for it? You can find interview questions and practice answers, dress and groom well and even work on your communication skills. There are a lot more to interviews and here are 10 tips to increase your success.”

While we’ve done similar stories (see 16 Tips to Make a Great Impression at Your Next Job Interview), it never hurts to see additional ideas. Tips include listening, dressing properly, choosing your words carefully, not talking too much, not appearing desperate and more. Have an interview coming up? Read this just before you go.

4. Why Coffee Drinkers Are Wasting More Than Just Money at Starbucks

[Len Penzo Dot Com] “I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable, but I think it’s high-time we had a serious conversation about Starbucks.”

This story isn’t the one you’ve read a million times before about the ridiculous prices Starbucks charges for coffee. It’s about something almost as insidious: the amount of time you waste waiting in line to buy it.

According to Len’s calculations, if you spend $5 every workday buying from Starbucks, you’re not only blowing $1,200 yearly, you’re also standing in line for an entire work week — 40 hours — every year. That alone should serve as a better wake-up than overpriced coffee.

5. 6 Ways to Keep Your New Job Hunt Secret

[Wise Bread] “So you’re looking for a new job — the problem is, you already have one, and you don’t want your current boss to discover you’re looking for another. It’s a situation most of us find ourselves in at least once during our careers, but it’s also one that can be potentially disastrous.”

Before I read this one, I knew one of the tips would be to keep your darn mouth shut if you’re hunting for a new job. Bingo. Others included not saying anything on social media, being careful where you post your resume, using a personal email address and more.

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