Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

This week: How to turn a side job into a career, dealing with car dealers, dealing with elusive goals, how to cut your own hair and how to make your relationship rock.

Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

1. How I Turned My Side Job Into A Career

[The Broke and Beautiful Life] “Two years ago I was a struggling actress slash hostess slash babysitter slash personal assistant slash whatever I could do to make enough money to get by. Today I have a career as a personal finance expert. My chance encounters are no longer characterized by probing ‘what are you up to’s,’ but filled with congratulations and inquiries about recent career achievements.”

Because I’ve been around personal finance for 35 years, I bristled at this author’s assertion that she’s a “personal finance expert” in less than two. Nonetheless, it’s a solid story about how life can take unexpected and rewarding turns for those willing to try.

2. Why Have Auto Dealerships Stopped Negotiating?

[Three Thrifty Guys] “For many people, negotiating anything is a bit of a chore. It’s uncomfortable, can be awkward and – if we’re honest – a little scary. Unlike other cultures, we generally accept what the price is and pay it. Oftentimes, negotiating can make you look ‘cheap.’ No one wants that label.”

I’ve never bought a new car and was unaware some dealers had stopped negotiating. Like the author of this article, however, my reaction was more skepticism than relief. I can’t think of any industry I trust less. Read this one and see if you agree.

3. The Goal You Will Never Do

[Time Management Ninja] “How long have you not been doing your goal? Maybe it has been months. Years. Or even decades. What will it take for you to actually do it? And more importantly … when?”

If you find yourself with unrealized ambitions, this article may be just the ticket for getting off the fence and on the way to fulfilling your promise. Give it a read; it might be just what the doctor ordered.

4. How to Cut Your Own Hair To Save Money

[Wealthy Turtle] “I started cutting my own hair (with my wife’s assistance) two years ago this month and we started doing my son’s hair shortly thereafter. Before that we would typically get a haircut together every five or six weeks with each trim costing me $15, with another $12 tacked on for my son.”

No way would I ever begin to try to cut my own hair. But if you’re like this author and sporting a buzz cut, maybe it will work for you.

5. The First Thing You Need to Work on If You Want a Better Relationship

[Wise Bread] “Being a good partner can involve a lot of hard work, especially when it means changing behaviors that are deeply ingrained, or choosing to change in the context of a relationship that is already difficult.”

If you’re in a good relationship you’d like to make great, this is your post. It describes how to make yourself a better partner with two steps: understanding yourself and understanding your partner. Simple? Yes. Easy? Not so much.

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