Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

1. 5 Ways to Make Sure You Get Your Security Deposit Back

[Credit.com] “If you go the rental route, you will likely have to pay first month’s rent, a large security deposit and sometimes even the last month’s rent. You will hopefully get that deposit back, but a lot can happen between your new moving day and the next one. Here are some tips to help ensure you get your security deposit back.

Some of these tips, like keeping your place clean, are no-brainers, but others aren’t. They include landlord communication, documenting the move-in condition, knowing your rights and reading your lease.

2. 10 Reasons to Kick Your Adult Children Out of the Home

[The Dollar Stretcher] “There are many reasons your adult children might be still at home. Maybe they can’t afford a place of their own or they are going to college. Perhaps they are overwhelmed with student loans or got themselves into a financial bind. Maybe they experienced a breakup or a divorce.”

This is a topic we’ve covered in both video and print in stories like Still Supporting Your Adult Kids? 5 Steps for Cutting Them Off. If you’re putting a roof over your grown kids’ heads, this post will provide the ammunition to change course. Reasons to eject them include lower utility bills, lower food bills and encouraging them to be independent.

3. Replace These 6 Beauty Products With Coconut Oil and Save $360 per Year

[The Penny Hoarder] “Most people have heard about the health benefits of cooking with coconut oil. But did you know you can use coconut oil as a beauty product? It’s true: switching from your standard beauty products to coconut oil can save you tons of money and give you the same (and sometimes better!) results as high-end products.”

Do you use lip gloss, moisturizer, shaving cream, body scrub, makeup remover or hair conditioner? With the exception of shaving cream, I don’t use any of them. But if I did, I’d find this article interesting, because it dishes the details on how to use inexpensive coconut oil as a substitute.

4. 5 Dead Giveaways You’re Talking to a Scammer

[Debt.com] “For the most part, thieves employ one of a few tactics that may convince you you’re dealing with a legitimate person or company, and by knowing these strategies, you’re more likely to spot a scam before you become a victim of it.”

I’m always amazed that so many people can fall for scams when they should know better. Most of these tip-offs should be intuitive, but they include email from an odd domain, being asked to pay with a prepaid card, threatening you with immediate arrest or legal action and requesting sensitive information. See the post for details.

5. 15 Easy and Delicious Ice Cream Substitutes

[Wise Bread] “Grandma loved ice cream, and so do I. I don’t usually have the time to drag out our ice cream maker, though, so here are some recipes for “ice cream” that are a lot easier, very interesting, and healthy. I think Grandma would approve.”

I love ice cream, but because of the fat involved, my wife doesn’t like to keep it around. So I was interested to see if any of these substitutes would satisfy my sweet tooth. They include frozen bananas, frozen coconut milk, yogurt-based ice cream, tofu ice cream and lots more.

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