Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

This week: avoiding nervous tics, how to keep your weekend from busting your budget, how to earn $2,000 in credit card bonuses, affordable father-daughter dates and how to force your car to make its own payments.

Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

1. How to Make Your Car Pay for Itself

[Credit.com] “… the average car payment now has reached $483 for a new car and $361 for a used car, according to Experian Automotive. Unfortunately, these readers are also upside down on their loans, which means that if they want to sell their vehicles, they’ll have to write a hefty check to pay off the difference, and it’s money they just don’t have.

This article goes over several ways to make money from the family car, including some we’ve covered. For example, if you’ve got extra time, you can earn money by driving other people around. (Our story here.) Other ideas include renting your car out to strangers (our story here) and delivering packages. Want help with your car payment? Check it out.

2. 10 Affordable Father-Daughter Dates

[The Dollar Stretcher] “There are many benefits to father-daughter dates. When a girl has a comfortable relationship with her father, it sets a positive tone for future relationships in her life, including significant others, business relationships, and friendships. If she feels valued and respected by her father, she’s more likely to expect that out of other relationships with men.”

While the ideas in this article will work for young daughters, many would be fun for girls of all ages. They include picnics, ice cream, camping, biking and museums. See the post for more.

3. How I’m Earning $2,000 in Credit Card Bonuses This Year

[The Penny Hoarder] “I took in more than $1,000 last year, and my goal for 2015 is to earn $2,000 in credit card bonuses. If you have decent credit and organizational skills, you can do the same.”

This article goes into detail about how to use credit cards to accumulate lots of cash back and bonuses. This is a topic we’ve covered, but this writer gives the blow-by-blow of exactly how one person manages their cards for maximum benefit. Warning: This is only for those who pay off their cards monthly. If you’re carrying a balance, eliminating the interest you’re paying is way more important than earning rewards.

4. 3 Ways Your Weekend Is Busting Your Budget

[Debt.com] “You penny pinch and save all week, but somehow still end up over your budget when number crunching time rolls around. There’s a good chance your weekend activities may be setting your balance out of whack.”

I’m basically a hermit all week, rarely leaving the house (I work here) and spending practically nothing. Weekends, on the other hand, are another thing entirely, so I could relate to this one. How do weekends bust budgets? Peer pressure, directionless spending and losing track. Yep … I’ve done that. If you have, too, check this one out.

5. 6 Nervous Tics You Need to Stop Right Now

[Wise Bread] “Sure, you’re nervous. It’s an interview, or a first date, or maybe just a party where you’re meeting new people. It’s normal to feel some stress and anxiety. What’s not normal, though, is to act in ways that annoy the people around you or make you stand out in a negative light.”

I hope I don’t have any of these behaviors. Do you? They include abdominal crunching, toe curling, eye blinking, throat clearing, grooming and facial gesturing. Check out the post for more info, including solutions.

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