Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

This week: the six types of borrowers, how a pet can save money, lowering the cost of dental care, the benefits of thrift store shopping and surprising ways the rich get richer.

Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

1. There Are 6 Kinds of Borrowers: Which One Are You?

[Credit.com] “By analyzing five years of [the] credit-report data of more than 5 million Americans, researchers identified many trends among U.S. debtors, including the most common kinds of borrowers. About 89 percent of consumers with credit reports fell into one of the following six categories.

Can you guess the most common type of borrower? I thought it would be credit card, but actually it’s people who have no debt. They comprise 29 percent of the population. Other borrower categories include credit card-only borrowers, mortgage-only borrowers, car loan-only, auto and mortgage combo borrowers, and student loan borrowers. See the post for details and to see where you fit in.

2. 6 Ways a Pet Can Help Improve Your Budget

[The Dollar Stretcher] “When you’re looking for ways to save money, the general tendency is to look for ways to cut spending. However, there are times when spending a little can actually save you a lot. One example of this is pet ownership. You might be surprised to discover the various ways that sharing your home with a pet can be financially advantageous.”

As the owner of a dog and three cats, and the publisher of stories warning of the high cost of pets, I was immediately attracted to this headline. So how can pets improve your life without stretching your budget? To name just a few ideas, they encourage exercise, they tend to make you healthier, they offer companionship, they can be a good alarm system and they’re free entertainment. Check out the post for lots more.

3. Sick of Spending $600 a Year on Dental Care? Try These 10 Insider Savings Strategies

[The Penny Hoarder] “As a dental hygienist, I’ve seen the downright ugly. And I’m not talking about teeth — I’m referring to the huge cost of dental care and the financial hardships of the patients I’ve treated.”

We’ve offered some of the same advice in stories like “5 Ways to Slash Dental Care Costs,” but there’s always something new to learn. This story offers advice like dropping your dental insurance, joining a dental savings plan and shopping around. Check it out for ideas and details.

4. 3 Benefits of Thrift-Store Shopping

[Debt.com] “Thrift stores aren’t the most glamorous shopping venues, but you might be surprised at what you find. If you need some convincing, check out the multitude of reasons you should try shopping at a thrift store.”

We’ve done lots of stories on thrift store shopping, but this article highlights benefits beyond the obvious one: saving money. Others include “the thrill of the hunt,” helping your community and saving resources by reducing waste.

5. 5 Surprising Ways the Rich Get Richer

[Wise Bread] “How do the rich get richer? They don’t fall for get-rich-quick schemes, they don’t fall in love with their stocks, and they certainly don’t panic whenever the economy takes a dip. And if you do the same, you, too, can steadily grow your wealth.”

The tips in this article are mostly common sense, but they still bear repeating. They include things like being patient, buying when others are panicking, using socially responsible investments, not being married to investments and paying as little as possible in income taxes.

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