Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

This week: Super Bowl scams, quitting your job, how zero-down mortgages can make life difficult, the secret to spending less than you make and 119 meals you can make from a can.

Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

1. The Scams That Can Destroy Your Super Bowl 50 Dreams

[Credit.com] “Super Bowl 50 is rapidly approaching, but you may want to think twice before you jump on any ticket offers that happen to come your way — especially if they seem too good to be true.”

Would someone actually think Super Bowl tickets could be had for a song? This article offers advice on how to determine if an offer for the Super Bowl, or any other hot ticket, is genuine or a thinly veiled plot to separate you from your money, your identity or both.

2. The Difference Between Wants and Needs

[The Dollar Stretcher] “So you want to become wealthy? While there is no single road to getting there, it’s a sure bet that one principle is in place for those who keep their wealth over a lifetime. Live beneath your means. Spend less than you make. Don’t spend more than you can afford. It doesn’t come any simpler than this. If you want to create wealth, you have to learn to do this.”

So, what’s the secret? It’s being able to separate needs and wants. This post explores the how and why of the confusion so many of us have distinguishing between the two. Having trouble making ends meet? This one’s for you.

3. Why My Zero-Down VA Mortgage Loan Is the Nightmare That Never Ends

[Credit Sesame] “Homeownership is considered the American Dream, and my husband and I certainly subscribe to that camp. The U.S. government agrees too – so much so that special programs have been set in place to help active duty military personnel and veterans buy houses for themselves and their families.”

So what turned this writer’s American dream into a nightmare? They put nothing down on their home, then had to sell it three years later. Result? Unless they can sell it for more than they paid for it, they’re upside down and will take a loss they can’t afford.

This article explains how VA mortgages work, as well as offering a lesson on why houses are a long-term investment and how borrowed money can turn against you.

4. Can You Afford to Quit Your Job?

[Debt.com] “Thinking about leaving your job? The decision can be both scary and liberating, but if you are ready to follow through, it’s important to make sure the process is thought out. Whether you are quitting to get more freedom, higher earning potential or a more enjoyable career path, you will likely need money in the bank and a plan in place.”

This article suggests three things you need to do before quitting: Calculate your minimum budget, build up some serious savings and deal with retirement plans and health insurance. If you’re considering moving to another company or going out on your own, it’s a must-read.

5. 119 Amazing Meals You Can Make From a Can

[Wise Bread] “Buying and consuming only fresh foods is a great concept, and certainly a lifestyle everyone is striving for this time of year, but it’s not always realistic. Sometimes you need to rely on ingredients that come out of a can for a hearty meal. Canned goods might not be fresh, but they are easy to store, long-lasting and extremely budget-friendly.”

This post offers 50 ways to use canned salmon, 20 recipes for black beans, 15 ways to use canned corn, 20 recipes for canned clams, 10 recipes for canned cranberries and 21 foods that cost less than a buck. Make yourself a snack: You’ll be reading for a long time.

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