Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

This week: what newlyweds need to know about investing, energy saving tips that don't work, how to improve your finances in a minute, making money with crafts and how a Hillary presidency could affect your finances.

Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

1. 5 Ways a Hillary Clinton Presidency Could Affect Your Money

[Credit.com] “It’s impossible to predict if and how a candidate’s campaign platforms will materialize (and what the true costs would be), but everyone vying for the Oval Office has proposed changes that Americans could feel in their personal budgets. Here are a few of the shifts you might feel if [Hillary] Clinton is in charge.

What will Hillary do to your household budget? She’s proposed to lower college costs, enact a $12 minimum wage, reduce the cost of health care, institute 12 weeks of paid leave if you’re seriously ill or need to care for a new baby or family member, and tax the wealthiest Americans to keep Social Security solvent. See the post for details.

2. How to Make Money Crafting

[The Dollar Stretcher] “You’re crazy about the items that you make. And others rave about your creations as well. Maybe you’d like to move away from your 9-to-5 and sell your wares on a full-time basis. Or maybe you’d just like to make enough to buy more craft supplies without cutting into the household budget.”

We’ve also done stories on making money by selling crafts online. This article adds to the knowledge base with tips on where to sell online, how to sell locally, how to sell wholesale and using social media to sell your stuff. If you’d like to make a little extra money, check it out.

3. 20 Actionable Personal Finance Tips That Take Only One Hour, Total

[Credit Sesame] “… time marches on whether you make any changes or improvements to your financial plans or not. Can you spare one hour out of your busy life to improve your finances? How about just two minutes? Or 10 minutes?”

This is a clever article filled with simple things you can do to improve your financial life. Tips include starting an emergency fund, protecting your smartphone, increasing your 401(k) contribution, checking your credit report and lots more.

4. 7 Energy Saving Practices That Don’t Save Energy

[Debt.com] “People believe they are saving money by following certain ‘energy-saving’ practices. However, not all that we do actually helps us save money. Therefore, the following myths need to be debunked …

This article lists seven myths about saving on energy. Some are silly. For example, it says it’s a myth that lowering your thermostat when you’re away or asleep in the winter won’t reduce your energy consumption. Who thought that was a myth? Obviously keeping your house colder in the winter saves energy. More interesting were the assertions that duct tape shouldn’t be used to seal ducts and baths use more water than showers. Check out the post for more.

5. 5 Things Newlyweds Must Know About Investing

[Wise Bread] “There’s a ton of excitement involved in getting married. There’s the big day, which you may have been planning for many months, the honeymoon, and setting up your home together. Before long, though, you have to get down to the business of actually running your household, which includes investing for your future.”

What do newlyweds need to know? Among other things, that confidence doesn’t translate to skill, that people approach risk differently and that paying off debt may be the best investment. Check out the article for more.

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