Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

This week: 7 cheaper versions of your favorite products, CEOs saving the world, understanding taxes, de-frazzling the family and tips for newly single men.

Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

1. 14 Money Tips for Newly Single Men

[Credit.com] “Hey pal, guess what? You just got served divorce papers. There is no way to sugar coat it: Your life is about to change. Everybody copes in their own way, and there is tons of advice out there for you. It sucks, but you will get through it.

I wish I could tell you this advice has never applied to me, but I’ve been there, twice. Practically all of the advice in this article is about pinching pennies. It includes raising cash by selling stuff, not spending that cash on beer or eating out and staying active, but without the gym membership.

Sound depressing? It is.

2. 15-Minute De-Frazzlers for Families

[The Dollar Stretcher] “Here is a week’s worth of quick family de-frazzlers. They were created, not with the expectation that you will do each activity on its designated day, but, rather, to remind you that, every day, you have 15 very special minutes to fill. Fifteen minutes expressly to nurture your children, your spouse, and yourself in a special way.”

This post is all about stopping to smell the roses for 15 minutes every day. And you don’t need a family to appreciate the tips. They include watching the sun set, sending some pictures or videos of yourself and your family to your oldest relative, writing about the challenges you’re facing in a personal journal and naming 10 positive things in your life.

I feel more relaxed already.

3. Crack the Tax Bracket Code and Save More Money This Year

[Credit Sesame] “Figuring out U.S. tax brackets can be like operating the espresso machine you got for your wedding. It’s just sitting there, taunting you with its secrets. You should probably learn how it works, but it seems too complicated to even try.”

This article offers a general background on our tax structure and how you can manipulate things like income and deductions to minimize your taxes. Not a bad primer, and definitely something every taxpayer should read and understand.

And when you’re done with that, get really educated. Click here and learn to slash your taxes with our new tax course!

4. 7 CEOs Saving the World

[Debt.com] “The top large ‘Big 10’ food companies cause more greenhouse emissions than the whole region of Scandinavia, and by 2050 there could be an additional 50 million people on the planet who will be starving.”

This is more infographic than article. It lists people who are using their vast wealth and influence to deal with some of our planet’s most pressing problems. For example, did you know Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was working on a nuclear fusion device to bring the world cheap, renewable energy? Or that the CEO of 5-Hour Energy is funding a program to provide free electric bikes to developing nations?

It’s encouraging to know that some of the wealthiest people are interested in more than just buying airplanes and yachts with their riches.

5. 7 Cheaper Versions of Your Favorite Products

[Wise Bread] “Figuring out which trendy brands have cheaper alternatives is an excellent way to keep more of your money when shopping. After all, there is nothing worse than dropping money on a name-brand item only to bring it home and be disappointed with the quality.”

If you’ve ever gravitated to top-shelf liquor, Beats earbuds, brand-name makeup, brand-name over-the-counter meds, Banana Republic clothing, Gillette razors or Girl Scout cookies, this author suggests you think again. Each has less expensive alternatives that are comparable in quality.

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