Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

This week: What bars can teach you about business, 10 cheap ways to improve yourself, how not to fight about money, how to succeed as an entrepreneur and the 10 things millennials won't buy.

Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

1. 5 Things Bars Have Taught Us About Business

[Credit.com] “Probably everyone who’s ever enjoyed a night out in a popular bar has entertained this fleeting thought: ‘Wouldn’t it be fun to own a bar?’ Just as anyone who has had an idea for a new product has entertained the notion of creating a new startup. These two seemingly unrelated dreams (nightmares?) have a lot more in common than you’d think.”

Other than my first wife, opening a bar/restaurant with two friends 20 years ago was the dumbest mistake I ever made. But, as this title suggests, there are things to be learned from the bar business that apply to other business endeavors. Check it out, especially if you’re thinking of opening a bar.

2. How Not to Fight About Money

[The Dollar Stretcher] “Money is often the cause of turmoil. Granted, the fight may actually be about something else. Money can represent many things in a relationship: power, responsibility, freedom, self-worth, and more. You may need a trained professional to resolve the underlying causes if your fights about money are extreme, frequent, or destructive. However, if your fights are primarily just about money, there are some things you can do.”

We’ve written a lot about mixing money and relationships, but there’s always room for additional advice. This article includes suggestions for combining finances, dealing with debt and more. Fighting over funds? Check it out.

3. 10 Things Millennials Won’t Spend Money On

[Money] “Millennials are often maligned for their lack of financial literacy, but there is one money skill the younger generation has in spades: saving. After growing up during the Great Recession, millennials want to keep every cent they can.”

Some of these expenses came as no surprise, like cable TV, houses and cars, but others I didn’t expect, like mass-market beer. What else are millennials not willing to spend on? Read the article and find out.

4. How to Train to Be an Entrepreneur

[Debt.com] “Maybe you have a great business idea but don’t have a lot of capital to fund that next big thing. There is still plenty you can do to get the ball rolling, start building out your idea into a viable business, and make sure you are prepared when the time comes to be funded.”

Ready to head out on your own? You will be after reading this article. Advice includes taking business courses, getting out of debt, researching, finding a mentor and my favorite: working your butt off.

5. 10 Ways to Improve Yourself for $100 or Less

[Wise Bread] “While it may be true that opportunity doesn’t knock on your door that often, it’s true that you’ll only make the most of the good times when you’re truly prepared. Fortunately, there are many ways to reinvent yourself for under one Benjamin! Ranging from career growth to personal finance to personal growth, here’s a list of 10 inexpensive investments in one’s own self.”

These suggestions, ranging from getting professional portraits taken to joining toastmasters, are all great, inexpensive suggestions that could put your career on a new and better path. Read this one.

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