Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

This week: horrible paint colors, using meetup.com to save money, weird job seeking stunts, being a work martyr and apps to turn your old clothes into money.

Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

1. 4 Colors You Should Never Paint Your Home

[Credit.com] “A fresh coat of paint is a fairly inexpensive way to refresh the look of your home; the average exterior paint job costs about $2,600, while interior paint costs $1,660, according to Home Advisor. But choose the wrong shade and you could wind up regretting it later.”

We’ve covered painting hacks in prior stories, but not specific colors. So what colors should you avoid? Eggshell, dark brown, terracotta and slate gray. See the story for the reasons why and better alternatives.

2. Using Meetup.com to Save Money

[The Dollar Stretcher] “The site connects like-minded people of all interests, such as political groups, parent/tot groups, coupon swaps, religious groups, outdoors groups, hobbyists, animal rescues, and sports enthusiasts.”

I’m a Meetup.com member but never gave a lot of thought to using the site to save money. After reading this article, however, I see how it could work. This author mentions meetup groups like the “Kansas City Friendly Frugal Fun Seekers,” a group of 2,800 “interested in sharing area budget-friendly social activities.” Sounds both smart and fun! See the post for more about membership.

3. 12 Weirdest Ways Job Seekers Have Tried to Stand Out

[Money] “A beefed-up resume that highlights coveted skills is one way to grab an employer’s attention, but for others, that isn’t enough. In a new CareerBuilder survey, hiring managers across the country reported some incredibly strange — if not downright inappropriate — tactics by which some candidates tried to set themselves apart.”

Some of these ideas aren’t really all that weird, in my opinion, although they may be extreme. For example, buying a first-class trans-Atlantic airline ticket in order to sit next to a hiring manager could work. But mailing an envelope full of cash to the hiring manager doesn’t sound like a good move, nor does forgoing the traditional handshake for a kiss. See the story for more.

4. Money Problems Make Young People ‘Work Martyrs’

[Debt.com] “Half of young people admit that day-to-day expenses give them financial anxiety, according to a new survey from Northwestern Mutual. This could explain why many never take their time off, as another new survey from Project: Time Off — a pro-vacation initiative — reports 43 percent of millennials are skipping vacations to work more, compared to 29 percent of all workers.”

If you’re an overworked and/or underpaid millennial, here’s proof you’re not alone. Virtually every young worker for generations has experienced the same pain, however, so don’t expect a lot of sympathy.

5. Turn Old Clothes Into Money With These 4 Tools and Apps

[Wise Bread] “Getting top dollar for your used clothing can be tricky, especially if you try to sell your clothes at a yard sale or through a Facebook selling group. Instead, try these top sites and apps to make more on your old threads.”

We’ve mentioned most of these tips in stories like “Where to Sell Your Stuff for Top Dollar,” but it never hurts to review. The four places this author recommends you sell your clothes include eBay, Poshmark, Tradesy and ThredUp. See the post for details.

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