Take Five – Blogger Roundup Feb. 11, 2011

A look at five interesting personal finance posts from other bloggers around the web. This week: tips for a frugal summer vacation, Valentine's Day gift ideas, why you should examine your trash and more...

Take Five – Blogger Roundup Feb. 11, 2011

Ten Things to Look For When Planning a Summer Vacation

[The Simple Dollar] Hang out with locals that you know, grab the local free papers, and check with local (rather than national chain) hotels – those are some of the tips submitted by this blog’s readers.

Examine Your Trash: Strange Ways to Save Money

[SavingAdvice.com] “One of the most frequent pieces of advice given to those wanting to save money is to write down all of your spending. Doing this exposes all the wasteful spending that often slips by unnoticed. I have a corollary piece of advice: If you want to save money, start by examining your trash.”

How to Save 20% Off MSRP on a New Car

[Free Money Finance] “I got myself a General Motors vehicle in 2010 (late 2009 model). The sticker on the car was just under $25k, and I ended up paying just under $15k for it. Now that included a $5k rebate from the cash for clunkers program since I traded in my SUV which only got 18 MPG. But nonetheless, the vehicle cost me just under $20k without factoring in the CC rebate, a net savings of 20% off Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).”

(See our story Why I Don’t Buy New Cars)

Financial Tips for New Graduates

[The Digerati Life] Among the many tips? Don’t become a couch potato, create your own job, apply for unique jobs and simplify your finances. “By not being forced to wake up early for class, you tend to sleep in more often. Without any major assignments, you find yourself watching reruns of some of the stupidest shows. If you’re tired of this and are ready to have a great year out of college then this post is for you.”

(See our story Tips to Help Recent Grads Build Credit)

5 Great Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

[The Dough Roller] “We’ve wracked our romantic brains to come up with five cheap ways to show your Valentine what they mean to you.” Some of the ideas they came up with? An in-home spa treatment, going dancing and preparing a home-cooked meal.

(See our story 15 Sexy Tips to Save on Valentine’s Day)

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