The Best and Worst Things to Buy in August 2017

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3 things you should wait to buy …


Though we know you want to take advantage of the last weeks of grilling season, prices on both gas and charcoal grills (not to mention smokers) will drop significantly in September. While grill discounts bring prices to the mid-$100s in August, they can be had for $75 next month.


August is actually not a bad month for TV deals — it has more discounts and more Editors’ Choice deals than any other summer month, and is followed by a steep drop in deals in September. However, if you can believe it, we’re already looking ahead to Black Friday! If you’re going to drop hundreds of dollars on a major purchase, it might be worth waiting less than four more months for truly great deals.

However, we realize that sometimes things break unexpectedly or perhaps you have a student heading off to college. If the former, look for name-brand 55-inch or larger TVs priced at or around $450. You can save an extra $100 if you opt for an off-tier brand. For college students, late August and September tend to see a rise in deals for 32-inch 1080p set for around $150, or even a 720p set for $110.

iPhones and iPads

This month, retailers will try everything to get you to upgrade your iPhone or iPad. However, August is a bad time to do so, since Apple traditionally unveils new iPhones and iPads in September and October, respectively. That means any Apple handheld you buy today, regardless of its current price, will be significantly cheaper in the weeks to come.

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