The Best and Worst Things to Buy in June

Capture luscious savings on lacy lingerie, but don't give in to the temptation to buy a new grill — and more tips for the best deals of the month.

Items to avoid for now …

June is not a good time to shop for some of the big-ticket items that you may be eyeing. Follows are some purchases you should put off if you want to get the best prices:


Nothing evokes thoughts of summer like a backyard barbecue. But as tempted as you may be to purchase a new grill this month, our research shows the best time to buy a grill is in August and September. That’s when you can find discounts that take up to 50 percent off your favorite name-brand grills. If you can, make do with your current grill and upgrade at the end of the season.

Amazon Echo or Google Home (IF you’re an Apple fan)

Rumor has it that Apple will unveil an Echo-like bluetooth speaker, enabled with Siri, at their Worldwide Developers Conference this month (June 5-7 in San Jose, California). For those in the Apple ecosystem, this would be way better than trying to work around with another (noncompatible) Bluetooth speaker and voice-activated personal assistant.


Back-to-school sales start at the end of this month, but they don’t really pick up until later. Even in July, there will be twice as many Editors’ Choice laptop deals.


If there’s one thing you should avoid buying in June, it’s a new TV. The summer months are traditionally bad for TV deals in the sense that you don’t see many offers, and prices are higher than usual.

However, if you must buy a new set, we recommend sticking with 55-inch TVs. Sets of this size have plateaued in price around $550 for name brand, and $400 for off-brand.

What’s on your shopping list for June? Share with us in comments below or on our Facebook page.

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