The Week in Review: Funny Money Stories

Here are some interesting and amusing developments from the past week that aren’t exactly news but might make you smile.

1. Gold wedding bands get dumped for tungsten

You know times are tough – and gold prices are skyrocketing – when wedding bands are being made of metals you never heard of. “Over the past three months, tungsten, a steel-gray hard metal alloy, has become an increasingly popular choice over gold with wedding band shoppers,” CNN reports.

2. Hurricane puts stop to thousands of weddings

Hurricane Irene destroyed more than 1,000 homes and washed away bridges as far north as Vermont. But it also washed out thousands of weddings. “And rescheduling those nuptials on such short notice can be tricky as well as costly,” CNN reports. “Couples will likely lose money on their deposits and for perishable items like food and flowers.”

3. Dump the Porsche for agony and ecstasy of $3,200 bicycle

Here’s a tough transportation choice: a used car or a carbon-fiber bicycle that can top out at $6,400. Bloomberg test-drove the $3,200 version of the Cannondale Synapse and reports: “Weighing 16.5 pounds with an integrated rear suspension, it was quick but not twitchy. Looked cool, too.” It better.

4. Now you can savor that cigar flavor…in a beer?

In Tampa, Fla., you can buy beer brewed in Spanish cedar – the same wood used in cigar boxes. Cigar City is just one of the latest micro-breweries inventing some off-the-wall beers. “Cigar City takes it further, using ingredients such as Spanish cedar, guava, Cuban espresso, and citrus woods to craft beers that also taste of Tampa’s heritage,” USA Today reports. Yummy.

5. Tech entrepreneur turns his talents to grilled cheese

The guy who invented the Flip Video cameras is now in the business of flipping cheese sandwiches. But he’s not an economic casualty who’s working in a chain restaurant. He’s launching a chain of restaurants. Jonathan Kaplan is “starting a chain of grilled cheese restaurants that combine fast food with high tech,” MSNBC reports. The first one is in San Francisco. He expects to have 500 in five years.

Michael Koretzky
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