This Airline Is Bringing Back Free Meals for Travelers

Beginning March 1, this airline will offer free meals to passengers on some of its transcontinental flights.

This Airline Is Bringing Back Free Meals for Travelers Photo by Aureliy /

There are few things people love more than free food. But is the promise of a free meal enough to entice you to book your flight with a specific airline? Delta Air Lines will soon find out.

The Atlanta-based airline recently announced that beginning March 1, it will again offer free meals to main cabin passengers on some of its longest domestic flights.

Delta offered complimentary meals to passengers in the past, but it abandoned the practice as a cost-saving measure in 2001, CBS reports. Other domestic airlines quickly followed suit.

Now Delta is working to improve its onboard passenger experience. It tested the free meal offerings late last year and saw customer satisfaction scores soar as a result.

Delta will be “the only U.S. carrier to offer complimentary fresh meals from nose to tail on select coast-to-coast routes,” the airline writes in its press release.

Morning fliers can choose between a breakfast sandwich or fruit and cheese plate. If you’re flying during the day, you can select a mesquite-smoked turkey sandwich, veggie wrap, or fruit and cheese. Delta says overnight fliers will be offered a “breakfast bar” during the prearrival beverage service.

Passengers seated in Delta Comfort+ will score extra goodies, including a prearrival snack basket and free alcoholic drinks.

Delta says the menu choices “will be refreshed often to support the airline’s focus on offering innovative, seasonal and locally sourced food and beverages.”

The free meals will initially be rolled out on flights between New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport and Los Angeles and San Francisco. The service will be expanded April 24 to include transcontinental flights from other airports — like Seattle and Boston.

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