Money Talks News has a few free tools we offer to make keeping up with our latest advice simple.  There are some things for viewers, some things for webmasters…check it out!


What does the Money Talks News toolbar do?

  • A pop-up blocker to make browsing the web a safer, more enjoyable experience
  • An email notifier that tells you when you have email waiting in any of your email accounts
  • The weather at a glance, wherever you are
  • A Google search box that’s much more than a normal search box
  • All of the latest Money Talks News stories
  • @MoneyTalksNews (our twitter account) shows up in the toolbar, too — you’ll never miss a “tweet” again
  • Completely spyware- and adware-free

Embeddable Video Player

Like watching Money Talks?  Run a website or a blog?  Share our videos with your community, right on your own site! Simply copy the following code into your HTML and you’ll have a constantly updated library of the best consumer and personal finance news around!

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<param name="movie"
<embed src=""
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