The Week in Review: Funny Money Stories

Here are some interesting and amusing developments from the past week that aren’t exactly news but might make you smile.

The Week in Review: Funny Money Stories Photo (cc) by saeru

1. Payday might be your last day, study finds

Getting paid can kill you. MSNBC says a researcher “studied four major demographic groups – seniors on Social Security, military personnel, families receiving tax rebate checks and recipients of Alaska’s Permanent Fund dividends – and found that mortality rates significantly increased the week after checks showed up in their mailboxes.”

2. Bates charging $51,300 leads most expensive U.S. colleges list

The priciest place to get a college diploma is somewhere you likely never heard of. “Maine’s Bates College is the most expensive private, nonprofit college in the U.S., with its $51,300 price tag in 2009-2010,” Bloomberg reports. That includes tuition, fees, room, and food. Most expensive Ivy League school? Columbia.

3. Toyota selling handling and dress-up kit for “hot-rod” Prius

For eco-friendly drivers who want to pimp their rides, Toyota has you covered. “It’s a bundle of appearance and handling parts – not powertrain upgrades,” USA Today reports. “The package will not be cheap: $3,699 for Prius Two, Three, and Four models and $2,999 for the Prius Five.”

4. In-N-Out up, McDonald’s down in fast food survey

McDonald’s may have served billions, but every customer’s happy about it. “A new consumer survey has crowned In-N-Out Burger as the nation’s fast food favorite,” CNN reports, “while giving low marks to iconic chains such as McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC.”

5. Do black men get better health care behind bars?

This isn’t funny, it’s sad: “Incarcerated black males at every age experience death rates that are lower than for black males outside of prison,” the Grio reports. One reason could be that prison offers better health care than the poor can get otherwise.

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