The Week in Review: Funny Money Stories

Here are some interesting and amusing developments that the staff at Money Talks was talking about this week, but never got around to writing about...

The Week in Review: Funny Money Stories Photo (cc) by wwarby

1. Women fired from casino over uniforms

When the Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City bought skimpy new outfits for cocktail waitresses, it fired 16 older ones. “The women, who were in their 40s, 50s and 60s, were given the thumbs down after a casino took photographs of the women in their new attire and sent them to a modeling agency,” United Press International reported. “The pictures showed them only from the neck down.”

2. Russian billionaire buys $100M silicon valley home

A Russian billionaire has bought what’s believed to be one of the most expensive single-family home in U.S. history. Yuri Milner, a big investor in Facebook, bought a 25,500-square-foot mansion in Silicon Valley for $100 million. “The mansion is a French-style chateau in the Loire style set on 18 acres in hills overlooking San Francisco Bay,” National Public Radio reported. It has both indoor and outdoor swimming pools – and a ballroom.

3. Paris Hilton talks shoes, career: ‘There is nothing else to do’

The woman who became famous for being famous was in Mexico promoting a line of shoes this past week – when she announced a new reality show focusing on her as a professional. “The show’s everything about my life, showing the business woman,” she told USA Today. “The girls all love my style. When they buy my products, they can be like me.”

4. RadioShack owner will continue gun giveaways

Sign up for a two-year Dish Network package from the RadioShack in Hamilton, Mont., and you’ll walk out with a gift card for a $125 pistol or a $115 shotgun – and a free background check. That’s the sales strategy of store owner Steve Strand. “RadioShack Corp. officials called Strand on Tuesday and ordered him to pull the promotion,” MSNBC reported. “Strand refused, saying he is within his rights as a legal dealer and is now seeking legal representation.” What if you don’t want a gun? Strand will give you a $50 pizza gift certificate.

5. Startup lies companies tell you

Think you know the story about how eBay got started? Facebook? Starbucks? “Iconic brands like to have romantic stories of how they got started,” CNN Money reported. Alas, they’re mostly not true. Google wasn’t started in a garage, and YouTube wasn’t created at a dinner party.

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