Take 5: This Week’s Blogger Roundup

A look at five interesting personal finance posts from other bloggers around the web. This week: making corsages out of denim, catching mice with beer, the ABCs of contracts, making free phone calls, and check yourself before you wreck your electronics.

Take 5: This Week’s Blogger Roundup

1. 20+ crafty things to make with old jeans

[Tipnut] Denim is damn near indestructible. So when you’ve worn out your pants, you can make everything from slippers to potholders to even corsages. Best of all, these ideas come with step-by-step instructions.

2. Use beer to get rid of pests

[Wise Bread] Turns out cockroaches like beer. So do mice and fruit flies. Here’s how to use the beverage to lure and kill them. Of course, that means less for you to drink. But life is all about trade-offs.

3. R, S, T, L, N and E: commonalities in contracts

[Pro and Contracts] Nothing is more stressful and less understood than signing commercial contracts. But here are nine tips to not getting ripped off.

4. How to make free phone calls online

[The Dough Roller] You probably know that Skype lets you make free phone calls over the Internet. But there are seven others – each with its own advantages and drawbacks.

5. Check the specs yourself before ordering electronics

[The Consumerist] Don’t believe a retailer’s words. Check its numbers – as in model numbers. “At minimum, check the manufacturer’s site to see what specifications they list for the item. A few minutes of due diligence can save you hours of aggravation.”

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