After Fracking Explosion, Residents Offered Free Pizza

Chevron sends gift certificates for pizza to 100 nearby residents after a fatal fracking well explosion and fire in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Days after a natural gas well exploded and burned in Southwestern Pennsylvania, Chevron delivered an edible apology of sorts to community members. Gift certificates for a pizza and pop, accompanied by a short letter from Chevron, were distributed to about 100 households in rural Greene County.

The Feb. 11 Chevron fracking well explosion killed one worker and injured another.

Many recipients found the company’s response hard to stomach. Says CNN:

“Worst apology ever: Sorry our fracking well exploded. Here’s a free pizza,” one angry Twitter user wrote Tuesday.

“Nice community relations: If you are frightened by fire and explosion, relax, have a pizza!” another tweet stated.

CNN reported that the fire burned for four days before being extinguished, and “gas and heat are still being emitted into the atmosphere.”

The Huffington Post says the apology letter from Chevron included a toll-free community hot line number. The Chevron note states in part:

Chevron recognizes the effect this has had on the community. We value being a responsible member of this community and will continue to strive to achieve incident-free operations. We are committed to taking action to safeguard our neighbors, our employees, our contractors and the environment.

A Chevron representative confirmed to The Huffington Post that it sent the gift certificates as a “token of appreciation” to area residents affected by the explosion and subsequent fire. Chevron said, “We are out in the community every day to listen to and address concerns.”

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  • nitemare2

    Krystal Steinmetz please tell me why this explosion is any different from any other natural gas explosion? We have had buried pipes carrying natural gas explode and yet you find it necessary to single out this one because it was a fracking site? You are a liberal fear monger and environmental terrorist. You only view things your way. Was any local citizens hurt? Accidents happen in every job, refinery’s, trucking, chemical, making of paper, construction, railroad, do we stop all progress for your fear and hatred. And so what they sent out pizza coupons with a apology for causing a disturbance to the locals. Has Obama sent out any apology for the disruption of his ACA policies? How about the railroad for the explosion and disruption of homes do to collisions?

  • Carlos Demattos

    Fracking is dangerous, wastes precious water and causes environmental damage. Keep your pizza and pop and leave us with healthy water, air and land. You know good and well that the cost of natural gas will not go down no matter how plentiful it is. Corporate greed will find a way to keep all the profits. So where is the benefit to us? There is none.

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