Upset senior reading a document
Working in Retirement: Why and How You Might Choose to Stay Busy

on November 24, 2021

Many seniors continue to work at least part-time. You could be one of them.

10 Jobs That Will Shrink the Fastest Over the Next Decade
10 Jobs That Will Shrink the Fastest Over the Next Decade

on November 17, 2021

Do you work in these professions? Your livelihood may be in danger.

Employer looking at a credit report
The 10 Fastest-Growing Jobs for Young Professionals in America

on November 16, 2021

Federal data shows these are the jobs growing the fastest for workers ages 25 to 34.

The 10 Fastest-Growing Jobs for the Next 10 Years
The 10 Fastest-Growing Jobs for the Next 10 Years

on November 12, 2021

Many of these jobs pay well, too.

A businesswoman working at her desk
The 10 Fastest-Growing Jobs for Women

on November 12, 2021

In these occupations, female employment is surging — in some cases, faster than for men.

When passion connects with skills and experience, you're set for your best chance of being effective in a new job.
15 U.S. Cities With the Most Growth in High-Paying Jobs

on November 10, 2021

Six-figure jobs are growing by leaps and bounds in these cities.

Older worker looking for a new job
Bill Would Protect Older Job Seekers From Discrimination

on November 8, 2021

It also would require the federal government to conduct a study on age discrimination among job applicants.

Worried senior sitting in bed
6 Things Many Americans Get Wrong About Social Security

on November 4, 2021

A survey finds that people misunderstand key provisions of the program.

Woman using a can opener in her kitchen
8 Surprising Household Items You Can Sell for Fast Cash

on October 25, 2021

Sometimes, the humblest household items are worth the most money.

Man working from home with no internet
10 Things to Do Before Quitting Your Job

on October 22, 2021

These steps will ensure you exit on good terms professionally and financially, and are ready for what comes next.

10 Keys to a Successful Freelance Career
10 Keys to a Successful Freelance Career

on October 20, 2021

Covering these essentials will make self-employment more enjoyable and more sustainable.

Young Hispanic Woman
10 Fastest-Growing Jobs for Hispanic and Latino Americans

on October 18, 2021

These jobs are some of the fastest-growing career options for Hispanic and Latino workers.

Companies Hiring for the Holidays Looking to Fill Nearly a Million Jobs
Companies Hiring for the Holidays Looking to Fill Nearly a Million Jobs

on October 15, 2021

Here are all the big companies hiring for the holidays — and often permanently — plus how to apply.

Woman in a car holding up money
$30,000 a Month? Car Owners Use This to Get Rich as Rental Rates Soar

on October 14, 2021

Rental car prices are soaring. Now, average car owners are getting in on the action.

Rich man in a panic over lost money
96% of Seniors Are Making This Money Mistake

on October 12, 2021

No guarantees, but there’s something simple you can do that could make your life easier and fatten your retirement nest egg.

Senior businesswoman in a meeting at work
Retiring at This Age May Protect Brain Function

on October 8, 2021

Working a little longer could help you stave off cognitive decline.

Upper-middle-class couple
Where Upper-Middle-Class People Are Moving in 2021

on October 6, 2021

Data from the IRS shows the areas with the highest new concentration of upper-middle-class earners.

Man working from home
13 High-Paying Jobs You Can Do From Home

on September 28, 2021

Looking for work you can do from the comfort of your home? These fields command good pay.

Man holding cash
Don’t Toss These 7 Household Items — Sell Them

on September 24, 2021

Here’s how to earn cash as you give new life to these unwanted items.

Unemployed worker
15 Cities With the Highest Poverty Rates

on September 22, 2021

These are the places with the highest poverty rates in America, according to the latest U.S. Census Bureau data.

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