Happy senior couple saving money and budgeting or doing math for retirement income
Is a Retirement Bucket Strategy Right for You?

on June 13, 2024

Here’s what to know about using this strategy to plan for your financial security.

Financial planner giving advice to couple
10 Investments That Many Pros Are Recommending to Their Clients

on June 13, 2024

Not sure where to put your money? Here are the investments most commonly recommended by advisors.

Happy senior man with wallet fully of money and credit card ready for travel or vacation
Are You Among the Wealthiest 5% of Retirees?

on June 13, 2024

The wealthiest retirees — and how they got there — may surprise you.

Happy businessman excited and smiling at his phone
7 Types of Personal Assets That Are Growing — and 3 That Are Shrinking

on June 12, 2024

Despite years of rampant inflation, American finances are still mostly trending upward.

Skeptical financial advisor
Just 14% of Financial Pros Are ‘Very Confident’ in This Popular Strategy

on June 11, 2024

Experts don’t think this approach will work as well as it has in the past. But that doesn’t mean they are right.

9 Genius Money Moves to Make Before Age 40
9 Genius Money Moves to Make Before Age 40

on June 10, 2024

Supercharge your finances and own your 40s with these savvy tips

Senior man smiling and holding wads of cash money for retirement
11 Ways Money Really Can Buy Happiness

on June 10, 2024

How you spend can be an big investment in your quality of life.

Covered lanai with Jacuzzi, round fire pit with lounge chairs, wall of palm trees, ceiling fans and TV
10 Home Features That Are Boosting Prices — and 1 That’s Costing Sellers

on June 7, 2024

If your home has any of these types of appliances or features, it might sell for more.

Couple sitting down to budget
How a Mid-Year Financial Review Can Benefit Your Finances

on June 7, 2024

Discover the steps to help you assess the health of your overall financial well-being.

Confused woman raising one eyebrow in surprise
The Average Balance in 3 Types of Retirement Accounts in 2024

on June 6, 2024

Retirement balances have risen nicely since the first quarter of 2023. See how your nest egg now stacks up against others.

Smiling woman making a budget and planning to save money with good financial strategy represented by a smart piggy bank
13 Ways to Improve Your Financial Decision-Making

on June 6, 2024

Use these tips to take a well-rounded approach for spending and investing your money.

Worried retiree
Which Account Runs Out of Money Sooner: Traditional or Roth?

on June 4, 2024

Even when people are warned of the tax dangers of withdrawing from a traditional retirement account, they seldom account for it, a study reveals.

A man counting money in front of a computer
Investors Say This Is the Most Important Change of the Past 50 Years

on May 30, 2024

Uncover the seismic shift in investing that has been no less than a money-making revolution.

Perast, Montenegro
The Best Value in European Real Estate

on May 30, 2024

A move to Montenegro could be financially smart — and so much more.

Woman in Casco Antiguo - Panama City with shopping bags.
These Are Panama’s Biggest Profit-Making Opportunities

on May 29, 2024

Investors with an eye on overseas markets need to know this.

Business woman holding tablet.
The Best Investments to Achieve Your Retirement Goals

on May 27, 2024

Mix and match these strategies to invest for retirement on your terms.

Happy couple on a date eating a cheeseburger at a restaurant
How to Use Consumption Smoothing Strategies for Retirement

on May 24, 2024

Put this tactic to work when planning for your finances now and into the future.

Woman standing in a restaurant kitchen
Here’s How Much People Have Saved for Retirement at Every Age

on May 23, 2024

Discover the truth about retirement savings at every age. Are you ahead or lagging behind?

Smiling man keeping a secret
14 Alarming Secrets About Americans’ Personal Finances

on May 23, 2024

These startling realizations show where people really are financially.

The Ultimate Guide to Roth Retirement Accounts: Why You Need One Now
The Ultimate Guide to Roth Retirement Accounts: Why You Need One Now

on May 23, 2024

What’s better than retirement income? Tax-free retirement income. A Roth can help you get it.

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