Senior couple at home
7 Times You Should Not Pay Off a Mortgage Before Retiring

It often makes financial sense to avoid paying off your mortgage before retiring.

Seniors playing games together
5 Secrets of Seniors Who Keep Their Minds ‘Young’

Here is why some seniors’ brains work as well as those of people who are decades younger.

Money with Stacy Johnson
How to Organize Your Finances, Step by Step

Can you learn how to manage your family’s finances in minutes a year, while doing a better job? Yes, you can.

Doctor talking to a patient in the hospital
14 Things That Are ‘Free’ With Medicare

These services could save you money and help prevent costly health problems.

Women watching TV
8 Black Friday Deals on Streaming Services

Now is a great time to try a new TV, music or audiobook service.

Woman shopping online
40 of the Best Black Friday Deals on Amazon

These are our hand-picked highlights.

Happy couple with groceries at home
2022’s States That Waste the Most Food

These are the states where people waste the most food, donate the least and have the fewest food banks.

An Instant Pot
6 Ways an Instant Pot Can Pay for Itself

The Instant Pot isn’t like the pressure cooker of old. And it can save you plenty of bread to boot.

Man excited about his smartphone plan
These Are the 9 Best Phone Deals for Black Friday

Want $800 off the Samsung Galaxy S21 or a free iPhone 13? Check out these deals.

Happy woman using credit card for holiday shopping
10 Embarrassing Online Shopping Fails to Avoid This Holiday Season

In the excitement of the season, these mistakes are easy to make. But they can cost you.

Thoughtful older woman
16 Ways to Outsmart Your Brain for More Wealth and a Better Retirement

Understanding the psychology of money will help you keep more of it and make more of your time.

Man burning cash
10 Useless Purchases You Need to Stop Making

You might as well flush your money down the loo if you spend it on these things.

7 Social Security Myths That Can Cost You in Retirement
7 Social Security Myths That Can Cost You in Retirement

What many people think they know about collecting retirement benefits is just plain wrong.

Mother and daughter washing hands
32 Pandemic Habits That Are Worth Keeping

Let’s maintain the upsides of coronavirus shutdowns.

Home improvement
6 Smart Ways to Pay for Home Improvements

Have a project you’re tired of putting off? Maybe you haven’t considered all your options — the start of your dream home upgrade could be just a few minutes away.

Retiree outside his house in sunny weather
10 Great Warm and Sunny Places to Retire in the U.S.

You don’t need to leave the country to find the perfect warm and sunny retirement spot.

Bill Gates
22 Filthy Rich People Who Will Give Away Their Fortunes

Find out why these rich folks have made this very public decision.

Cleaning up after dinner
9 Habits of Excellent Houseguests

Don’t be “that” guest. Instead, keep things joyful for family and friends who welcome you into their home. Here’s how to do it.

Woman who retired early with her granddaughter
Cut These 11 Expenses Now If You Hope to Retire Early

Do you like the idea of financial independence? Part of the FIRE equation is cutting costs.

Women staring at empty shelves at the grocery store
3 Simple Steps to Not Starve in the Next Disaster

Not many people want to believe they, too, might face a food emergency. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution.

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