Senior woman drinking coffee
7 Reasons to Declutter Your Home in Retirement

on January 21, 2022

There are many reasons to hold onto less stuff in retirement. Here are a few good ones.

Free samples of cheese
The 15 Best Cities for Cheese Lovers

on January 21, 2022

Have you ever wondered where you can get the best cheese and who loves celebrating cheese the most? You might be surprised.

Thoughtful seniors plan for retirement
26 Big Ideas for What to Do in Retirement

on January 21, 2022

It’s time to do what you’ve always dreamed of, or come up with a new dream to pursue.

Baltimore, Maryland
15 U.S. Cities With the Most High-Density Housing

on January 20, 2022

These large cities have the biggest share of multifamily housing.

Happy couple looking at homeowners insurance savings
15 Cities With the Most Young Homeowners

on January 19, 2022

These are the places with the largest share of homes owned by people under age 35.

Older woman taking an at-home COVID-19 test
Get Your Free COVID-19 Test Kits Now

on January 18, 2022

The new federal website for mail-order COVID-19 tests launched earlier than expected. Order yours now to avoid delays.

Senior couple concerned about finances
The Actual Costs of Long-Term Health Care

on January 18, 2022

Many consumers aren’t aware of how much long-term care actually costs, and prices are expected to increase significantly over the next decade.

A woman surprised by bill or tax form
6 States That Just Lowered Their Tax Rates

on January 18, 2022

The 2022 tax year will bring lower income taxes for a handful of states, thanks to recently enacted laws.

9 Ways to Tell When Someone Is Lying to You
9 Ways to Tell When Someone Is Lying to You

on January 18, 2022

There is no single way to know that you are dealing with a fibber. These clues, however, may be be tip-offs.

Couple unloading a minivan with boxes at rental unit.
5 Top Reasons Why Self Storage Is a Great Idea for Homeowners

on January 17, 2022

Sometimes this added expense can be worth your while — here are the situations where it might make sense for you.

Woman who has made a mortgage mistake
15 Counties With the Largest Home Price Increases in 2021

on January 14, 2022

A combination of low home inventory and low mortgage rates made these markets incredibly hot last year.

Woman shocked by health care bill
15 U.S. Cities Where Residents Are Unable to Quarantine

on January 14, 2022

In these places, many households lack enough bedrooms for people to quarantine away from healthy family members.

Natural gas refinery
15 States With the Most Expensive Natural Gas Prices

on January 14, 2022

Energy costs have been a major driver of inflation over the past year. When it comes to natural gas, residents of these states are paying the most for it.

Surprised woman
7 Ways to Avoid Pricey Home-Repair Surprises in 2022

on January 13, 2022

Home repairs can get expensive fast. But with smart precautions and proper attention, you can avoid some big bills.

Happy couple buying a house
The 16 Most Popular Housing Markets of 2021

on January 13, 2022

These places have the most-viewed real estate listings, high housing inventory and good price appreciation, according to a new study.

Getting organized
12 Tools to Organize Your Life in 2022

on January 12, 2022

If you’re ready to get everything in its proper place and take charge of your schedule and space, this is how you do it.

House for Rent
15 American Cities Where Renters Never Move

on January 12, 2022

Where do renters stay put the longest? According to census data, these are the most popular places.

Women working out in winter
5 Surprising Benefits of Exercising Outdoors in Winter

on January 10, 2022

Exercising outdoors in the winter offers many benefits that beat workouts in a warm gym. Find out how cooler weather boosts your body and mind.

Senior couple using a tablet
Social Security Increases This Month — Here’s What You Should Know

on January 7, 2022

Temper your expectations: The biggest increase to Social Security benefits in decades comes with positives and negatives.

Woman eating healthful food
This Is the Best Diet Overall — for 5 Years Straight

on January 7, 2022

A panel of experts says one diet stands out as the best choice to keep you in great shape.

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